Researcher says “they found a FIELD OF OIL two inches thick, spreading as far as 70 miles from wellhead” — “Finding it everywhere that we looked” (VIDEO)

Is Gulf Oil Sitting on the Ocean Floor?, ABC News, September 13, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

[Professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Georgia, Samantha Joye] says they found a field of oil two inches thick, spreading  as far as 70 miles from wellhead:

“We’re finding it everywhere that we looked.”…

“There’s nothing living in these cores except bacteria. I’ve yet to see a living shrimp, a living worm, nothing.”

12 comments to Researcher says “they found a FIELD OF OIL two inches thick, spreading as far as 70 miles from wellhead” — “Finding it everywhere that we looked” (VIDEO)

  • This doesn’t surprise me in the least!


  • grandma caesar

    mainstream media…not a word about corexit.

  • Just 2 inches thick and spread a mere 70 miles?

  • The Government & BP LIE…The People & Wildlife DIE!!! Nothing NEW!!!

  • Pat


    Tell that to all the dead animals, marine life.

    Besides this is just one of many from what I’ve been reading.

  • Outraged

    Was anyone really stupid enough to believe that all the oil just “disappeared”? Please!
    We are being treated like the bunch of brain washed idiots that we all have been in the past. Time to wake up and demand answers! The whole country needs to stage a stay home from work day! We have power in our numbers, we just need to use it!

  • Pat,

    Yes. BP and many other oil companies have experienced oil leaks and gushers ever since we drilled our first wells. But, not all oil gushers-and-leaks are the result of possible executive criminality, negligence, incompetence, or the result of a possible *purposeful* event.

    BP’s Deep Horizon Well *accident?* and its cause has been recorded. The workers attested to the events that took place prior to the BP oil, and it appears that corruption and greed led to be the volcanic oil eruption.

    A two inch thick, seventy square mile oil field in no way indicates the actual amount of oil released into the Gulf of Mexico!

    April 20, 2010 is in fact the date the Earth experienced the beginning of a *likely* second extinction event: The BP oil gusher is impossible to stop. We do not have the technology to stop the oil. It is coming up from the well and up through the shelves of fractured of rock.

    An analogy: Try to stop a Mount St. Helen or Krakatua eruption — or to ‘cap’ them. The Earth will close its wound in its time, not ours. Maybe we will survive.

  • Pat


    Couldn’t agree more.

  • charles buchanan

    the prodigal son of sangrial

    I lay before you a scenario so profound and shattering to the cultures of both church hierarchy and conspiracy theorist that it could cause an instant revolution or even a second crusade.
    It involves the common heritage of the current church and disinformation embodied in the enigma of the “DA VINCI CODE”.

    What if it is found that mary magdalene,a former harlot and convert to jesus flock was not involved at all in giveing birth to a son spawned by the christ,that would establish a davidian lineage to a current of future king of the “christian church”.
    What if it actually involves the MADONNA or virgin mary mother of jesus.
    There is good evidence to show that the virgin mary and a group of jesus disciples was sent to the new lands of europe and france to spread the gosples,after a meeting at the last supper to formulate the future of christianity. she eventually sought refuge at the famed chateu in southern france.
    there is also good evidence to show that she was raped there and bore a son herself in a second natural birth(not virgin this time around)
    the parchments of the SANGRIAL were evidence of this event and were buried there along with mary eventually.
    Even more startling is the conclusion reached in these documents that it was a “first peter” or direct ascendant to the current popes who did the foul deed. thus the catholic church has found a way to disinformationalize this through opus dei and make dan browns da vinci code epic the scapegoat.
    The whole episode has less to do with christs haveing a girlfreind who bore him a son than to the lineage and electoral procedures of the current catholic church.
    It is easy to see why a scourge was brought against the knights templar who were paid to protect this information,but became too much of a burden to the church of 1099 to be trusted with the information.pope clement was the initiator of this scourge.
    there is no evidence that mary stayayed and died in jerusalem,for there was no one found in a casket unearthed on a hillside in jerusalem where she was supposed to reside.
    there is more evidence to show that a body of a young woman named mary(the virgin mary,not magdalene)was barried at the chateu and later moved after father beringer discovered the revealing parchments at the chateu which revealed an artistic imprint(which leonardo da vinci later possessed or had access to)of the last supper event with the two ladies at the table of the christ. one was later removed to start the disinformational process by davinci himself…being a grand master of the priore du sione himself.
    If my logic does not fail me the catholic church is really trying to hide the lineage of an anti christ which had its first decendant because of the rape and illicit birth.
    thus,the real anti christ is a product of the church itself and is about to announce himself as the son of satan(It is obvious that a figure equal to christ on the darkside would have to have the same type of birth and lineage and would come forth in our age of prophesy in the endtimes to deal severe blows to the christians of our day and to the world in general.
    god only knows where the sangrial parchment and the real story of the prodigal son and christianity resides,but it is safe to say that its secrets are protected by insideous forces within the opus dei and the illuminati,to make sure the works of the anti christ are carried out on their timetable and not the timeline of the biblical revelations.
    christ will shorten the days of the world thru nature and the mistakes and rewards of human nature to win the battle in the end.

    VERITAS LUX MEA,in his service


  • Ken in AK

    I stopped eating seafood in late August and doubt if I will ever eat any again, espeially shrimp and shellfish, for the rest of my life. I have no desire to contract CANCER from eating Corexit tainted Gulfcoast seafood.

  • Everything you see here will come to pass, and that ain’t all…

    Updates will resume when the body count begins.


  • I have stopped eating seafood as well: I did so right away. But goodness! I miss the delicious seafood so much. It has always been my favorite meat.

    But, I’ve recently read/heard that we need to consider not eating the vegetables coming from the Gulf Coast as well. The people know the locations. It’s where the oil fell wrapped in rain.

    Remember the reports?

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