Researcher undergoes “decontamination” after working with dead baby dolphins

Researchers carry a heavy load with dolphin deaths, Sun Herald, February 26, 2011:

A research assistant, [Megan Broadway] has studied dolphins in the northern Gulf for three years. Today, she will oversee a crew cutting tissue from the backs of four baby dolphin carcasses that washed ashore on the island. …

“We had so many called in yesterday,” she says, almost absentmindedly. “We were getting calls all day.” …

The preemie Broadway and her crew have brought to the mainland will undergo an necropsy by a veterinarian. …

Broadway returns to her office down the hall, before she leaves, hair wet from following a strict decontamination protocol.

Read the report here.

2 comments to Researcher undergoes “decontamination” after working with dead baby dolphins

  • Thank you for the information! This oil spill mess just keeps cropping up in new areas. At first I thought it was just being overplayed, but now I see just how bad that company has been for our environment.

    Good article, thank you!

  • soozla

    Maybe while they are busy being decomtaminated–they will DEDUCE it is oil/corexit—and back it up will experiment and popsted results.
    Ah..come on…. the science community is assuming everything else…like the well being fixed,corexit use no longer being done, etc.
    If it is a virus or other natural cause the “specialists” should be able to offer testing results very quickly.
    But then they probably haven’t heard from BP.. as to what to say.
    Which pathetic lie should be told to cover the fact that the reseachers need decomtamination —–decontamination from what? Believe me the BP/GOV knows.

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