Researchers find “VAST VOLUMES” of oil on seafloor — Includes “Thick Raw Crude”

Research teams find oil on bottom of Gulf, USA Today, October 24, 2010:

Scientists who were aboard two research vessels… found substantial amounts of oil on the seafloor, contradicting statements by federal officials that the oil had largely disappeared.

Scientists on the research ship Cape Hatteras found oil in samples dug up from the seafloor in a 140-mile radius around the site of the Macondo well, said Kevin Yeager, a University of Southern Mississippi assistant professor of marine sciences. He was the chief scientist on the research trip, which ended last week.

Oil found in samples ranged from light degraded oil to thick raw crude, Yeager said. …

“Clearly, there appears to be vast volumes of oil present on the seafloor,” Yeager said. “We saw considerable evidence of it.” …

Information from the second research vessel:

A research team on a ship called the Arctic Sunrise, sponsored by the environmental activist group Greenpeace, also turned up traces of oil in sediment samples…

“There’s definitely oil there,” [Clif Nunnally, a doctoral student and manager of the deep sea biology lab at Texas A&M who was on Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise] said.

8 comments to Researchers find “VAST VOLUMES” of oil on seafloor — Includes “Thick Raw Crude”

  • up the East coast

    It’s ALL coming your way. Frankly, I’d rather have raw crude (good Lord help us) than Corexit Mystery Killer Formula sprayed everywhere!! Bring on the petro!!

  • up the East coast

    You have a (mandatory) chance to detox from oil–not so much with Corexit Mystery Killer Formula enhancing it. EPA–throw off the shackles and do your job NOW!!!

  • premurderedGOM

    People are sick on the coast of Virginia.

  • Dan

    Where you getting that information PMGOM? I look outside, see the cloud cover and think if they have sprayed the east coast, then we could be in trouble here. Virginia is closer to me so this hits home.

    Heaven help us all.

  • The oil is still coming onto the shorelines, beaches are still open. No clean up activity at all. Reporters are told to stay away. Media has stopped reporting. There is toxic rainfall, no doubt by now is reaching at least to Virginia, may be further. Tropical storm Richard is on it’s way into the Gulf and we are told that we may not be able to stay or get back onto the island where we live, depending, of course, on the storm? NO, I would say that it is the dispersants that will be everywhere. They are still dumping dispersants at night, planes with no lights, barrels being dumped into the Gulf by boats. People here are getting sicker by the day. It should be a concern to everyone. This is October 25th, 2010, where is the media? ABSENT!!!!

    Gulf Shores, Alabama

  • Chelsea

    I spoke to my mother, who worked for Sunoco for 10 years, about all of this at length.

    If you didn’t know this already, or haven’t figured it out yet, this is the major issue at large.

    Crude oil, raw, gives off a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons and other volatile substances, by itself.

    Corexit, a solvent, is petoleum based already and gives off it’s own amount.

    What the feds are either covering up is that they did not do any research whatsoever into what happens when you mix them! Many extremely volatile hydrocarbons, many aromatics (expecially Biphenyl and the like) are rapidly released in abundance when you mix a solvent with the raw oil. The lighter the crude, the more will be released. This is what we basically already know – they’ve turned the GOM into a giant f*cking basic chemistry class, and will continue to do so so long as they spray chemicals and dispersant into any crude oil they find.

    This is all so sickening. I can honestly tell you that something major has changed all over the Eastern US. I live in Ohio and we’re in a “valley” area. Early june we saw an outbreak of a half-dozen tornados; never have we had anything like that here. Now tomorrow the forecast is severe thunderstorms with definite possibilities of tornados. In NW Ohio, in OCTOBER. Sh*t is NOT right. I wonder if this mess could be a major cause in our shift in weather, with the loop current stalling. I guess we’ll never know and all we can do is assume.

  • Dan

    Sure adds up to mass genocide to me.

  • Canuck

    Infortunately, Greenpeace lends little credibility to any ‘scientific research’. Was there a ‘donate’ button included in the press release?

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