Dolphins living in back bays of Orange Beach that are still “contaminated with oil” — BP has yet to even survey area… “Zero feedback” says Mayor (VIDEO)

BP resisting clean-up on back bays?, WALA, January 27, 2011:

It’s been seven months since oil crept into the back bays through the Perdido Pass. …

“Back here is our estuaries and it’s also where we now have completely documented resident dolphins. These dolphins have been here for years and my hope is that we can get BP to pay attention to these back bays,” [Captain Lori DeAngelis, a dolphin cruise guide and advocate for the safety of dolphins] said. Documented resident dolphins’ means the dolphins live year round in the area and do not leave to go to other waters. …

“There is no doubt it is contaminated with oil… [said DeAngelis.]” …

[Orange Beach] Mayor Kennon said he has requested a strategic plan from BP on how they will measure any damage and repair it. He said he has gotten “zero feedback.”

10 comments to Dolphins living in back bays of Orange Beach that are still “contaminated with oil” — BP has yet to even survey area… “Zero feedback” says Mayor (VIDEO)

  • I’m so angry I’m spinning — so fast I’m on the verge of a headache.

    Did you guys see the advertisement on our homepage? It’s the ‘Big Boys.’! Selling stock! I peeked into their site and ran back out. They want you to provide your name and address to learn more about their stock plan.

    Fellow posters, please don’t do that. Go to a “Shirley Temple” type site instead, and search there for the information. If you enter from here, and get so curious and excited about the ‘stock’ that you provide your private data — you will have tagged yourself, and I’m sure… Well, you know what I mean.

  • Even T. Boone Pickens was pictured. And he’s a ‘Big Boy’ if ever there is one. He is one of the most wealthy individuals in the world; I believe he comes in as the 40th from the top. But that seems high considering he’s not one of the international bankers.

    However, he is frequently frustrated with his endeavors and is in-and-out of different businesses. Presently, he’s interested in going into Natural Gas, as well as — I believe, remaining in the oil business.

    His wife Madeliane is very involved in the “Wild Mustang” tragedy, which they will not acknowledge. Surely, you may have heard of Cloud. The Mustang’s son has survived the latest stampede as I recall, but hundreds of the others did not.

    Madeliane wanted to corral them on federally protected land, and pay the government about $500 for each horse.

    They die because she claims she wants to protect them!

  • PerdidoKey

    Now and then I HAVE to go into OB, AL. The smell of heavy crude hits you as you go over Perdido Pass bridge. Anything that is “living” in that water is suffering beyond comprehension. Here come the tears……

  • Lets Help Attorney General Luther Strange, clean up the Orange beach coastline

    This is Proposal to all USA Attorney Generals and those who live in the USA. We the people of Alabama are asking all those who would like to donate one dollar a week, to the Office of Attorney General Luther Strange, so that these moneys so into a Kitty, reserved for the BP, so that they may begin to resurrect / clean up these Gulfshore waters… This is an urgent appeal, for the Dolphins are dieing , as well as all other life.. We must do this for our children and our childrens children.. then we must bring in the Green technologys, that will eventually take the place for the need of oil… the technology is here, but now we must implement it. There should be no more need to dig for oil, nor to transport it anymore,, into the future. Surely what we have witnessed,, is death unto all of life, unto all of us and our Precious Mother Earth.. The Mother is crying,, canyou hear her? We the people of America can change this picture today.. So please Her and I are asking as many who can,, to give one dollar a week unto our beloved Attorney General .. then he can take the ball from there, he knows what to do.. thankyou to all!/

  • xdrfox

    This man invented it, ran it from coast to coast in 1975 what they can’t do today ?? …

  • Lynn D.

    “The Devil comes only to kill, to steal, and to destroy………” John 10:10

    “But they and our fathers acted proudly, hardened their necks, and did not heed Your commandments. They refused to obey You and they were not mindful of Your wonders that You did among them. But they hardened their necks, and in their rebellion they apointed themselves leaders (political, military, religious) to return to their bondage. For they have not served You in their kingdom, or in the many good things that You gave them. Or in the large and rich land which You set before them; Nor did they turn from their wicked works. Now here we are, SLAVES today! And the land that You gave to our fathers, to eat it’s fruit and it’s bounty……here we are, SLAVES in it! And it yields much increase to the kings (government) You have set over us because of our sins; Also they have dominion over our bodies and our cattle at their pleasure; And we are in great distress. Nehemiah Chpt. 9

    There you have it, folks.

  • Jack

    So, xdrfox, a question…
    Is there any active underground/internet push for
    dissemination of this water-engine technology?
    Are folks getting bumped-off for talking about it?
    I recall some blog-post a few years back from some guy
    in Hawaii claiming he had a motor-bike he had converted to
    a hydro-fuel, but where are the Plans, the Schematics?
    Meanwhile, I wonder if any funding is available to rescue
    some Back-Bay Dolphins, transporting them to some good water?
    I saw a story on Rense general news list that a bunch of
    Sled-dogs in British Columbia had to be “put-Down” by
    their owners, because there is no tourist sled-dog bizzness right now, and they can’t afford the upkeep.
    Sorry, doggies…

  • xdrfox

    The video with the brother talking says much to the beliefs of why his brother is no longer here, Anyone would figure after 35 plus years we would be driving these things if there was not someone keeping it from happening just as many inventions of Telsa … … His many inventions …

  • xdrfox

    I have noticed a large uptick of information on some of these areas of energy by many across the web in recent years. Who wouldn’t want to have free energy for transportation and home electricity with never having to dole out cash monthly. A overseas company working on huge magnetic generators now to make electric power. There are smaller companies working on home systems. …

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