Retired nurse: Believe BP, the oil is gone… How stupid do they think we are? (VIDEO)

AJ Varner, Rally for the Truth via Mobile Broadcast News, November 20, 2010:

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  • ron

    BP believes whole-heartedly that the populace isn’t just stupid, they’re COMPLACENT. BP is going to continue to poison and sicken people along the gulf coast because that- now- is their intention. the gulf coast is being administered poison.

    what are you going to do about it, gulf coast? it’s been a full 7 months, so far. what have you done? NOTHING. nothing that matters, anyway. look: BP is still there. BP is still poisoning the air, land and water (and people and sea life). it’s not going to stop. as long as the world demands oil, BP will be there.

  • xdrfox

    Gov. Insiders beleave that this region is doomed anyway ?. …

  • Daniel Hughes

    I love the headline, “How stupid do they think we are?”

    As Neil Boortz once said, “How stupid do they think we are!? They KNOW how stupid we are – they educated us!”

  • soozla

    The people have to quit waiting for answers.
    A planned evacuation will never be offered- due to the government’s involvement.
    Whoa—I said “evacuation”.

  • Daniel Hughes

    NEVER say that word again, Soozla! Remember what happened to Matt Simmons when he grew a bit too fond of that word.

  • kingfish33919

    You guys are doomed – I know it – they know it – when are you going to figure it out – remember how the Agent Orange and the Gulf War sickness were handled. Those coffins they have stockpiled in Atlanta, they are for you. It’s strictly up to you to move out and live somewhat longer or stay and die shortly. Face it.

  • Dixie

    Kingfish33919, your empathy is touching (NOT) How the hell do you think these people can just up and move away? In case you have not figured it out it takes MONEY to do that. Where are they supposed to get that? We are not in a recession we are in a DEPRESSION! The reason people don’t realize this is because of all the government welfare plans, unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc. We did not have this during the great depression. Now you tell me what this Country would look like right now if government decides to pull the plug (and if it suits them they will). I’ll tell you, TOTAL CHAOS AND ANARCHY! And it is probably coming anyway because there are not enough people working paying taxes to support these programs for much longer. So before you tell the people of the Gulf to just pick up and move somewhere safe, tell me where the hell they are going to go?

  • soozla

    I think folks are getting testy trying to get this message to the population on the GOM. People need to take matters in hand on a personal level and if possible try to relocate their families.
    Bless you all, we dont know.
    All we can do is spread the warning.

  • credit for this video needs to be acknowledged with a link … what you’re doing is rude.. I’m just pointing it out because you’re being rude to me.

  • soozla

    FluxRostrum – thank you.
    As far as i know this is about all the documentation there is of the rally. I could be wrong but this is all I’ve seen.

  • click the link in my previous comment
    4 hours of archived live streamed footage
    and 4 high quality edited videos

    the 2 clips you’ve displayed here were jacked from my 17 minute mash up of speakers at the event. there are individual vids of Kindra Arnesen, Cherri Foytlin and Drew Landry

    all of this is on this page

  • kingfish33919

    Dixie, Empathy is not the issue. Sure I feel for the people in the North Gulf but how does that help them. I could also light a candle for them but so what. At least if they filled their car with gas they could get to the cities of North Georgia or Alabama. Once there in large numbers demanding public assistance they would get attention at least locally and if loud enough nationally. Hanging out in the Gulf will get them nowhere but dead. I assume you will make an argument that they are proud lot and wouldn’t want to solve their problems this way – my answer – ok, die then.

  • soozla

    Thanks for the full link FluxRostrum.
    I dont know who posts the stories here. But I’m sure it is appreciated by all.

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