Is the Rigel gas field flowing IN to BP’s blown-out well?

Is the Rigel gas field why Congressman Markey’s wrote the mysterious June 23 letter about oil flowing into the well?

See 'Clear Shot to the Surface' (Times-Picayune)

“Experts say that the open annulus could be how [a methane bubble] that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon got to the surface.” – Times Picayune

The nearby Rigel gas deposits are at a similar depth to the compromised section of BP’s Macondo well. was the first outlet, and ultimately one of only a handful, that  reported on Congressman Markey’s June 23 letter to BP questioning if hydrocarbons may also be rushing IN to the damaged casing, instead of pouring out. His questions were revealing, and now more relevant than ever:

Are there significant deposits of oil and gas in formations above the target reservoir?

Please provide an estimate of the total amount of oil and gas that is contained in i) the Macondo well target formation and ii) each formation above the target formation that could leak hydrocarbons into the annulus

Please provide documents related to the possibility that the initial drilling encountered leakage from other formations above the target reservoir

A May 23, 2010 article… in the Orlando Sentinel stated that well records indicate that in late February, there was a loss in drilling mud pressure.  According to the article, this could mean that the mud fractured layers of sand or shale in the formation and vanished. The article goes on to state that in early March, the pressure of the oil and gas encountered overwhelmed the pressure of the drilling mud.  In mid-April, a loss of drilling mud was reportedly again experiencedDo any or all of these events indicate that oil and gas could be flowing from somewhere other than the target reservoir? If so, please explain fully, and if not, why not?

How does Conressman Markey know to pursue such unique and specific questions about the well integrity? Previous to this letter, no mention had been made of leakage INTO BP’s well, only the possibility of  oil or gas escaping out.

Markey likely already knows the answers to these questions, but is unable to reveal this information because it is under some level of classification.

He recently made a statement to this effect on CNN:

MARKEY: They have not responded. And, again, I wrote back there on June 23, so that we could publicly disclose what the integrity of the wellbore is, we could publicly disclose what the integrity of the geology around the wellbore, so that we could better understand. …

7 comments to Is the Rigel gas field flowing IN to BP’s blown-out well?

  • On this site :

    Search “Water level”…and tell me this is “normal” that you have such a mountain of water located JUST HERE.

    Play the forecast animation : it’s a permanent fact.

    I THINK, MAYBE, (but I know such little about this Gulf) this image COULD BE the METHANE location.

    Or it’s perfectly usual, and I’m wrong.

    You tell me.

  • jec

    Good catch! And if looking at the Gulf Of Mexico currents on say, Passage Weather, this feature has been evident for at least a couple weeks. It looks like a cut off eddy of the loop current–but water level caused. That is one large upwelling of “something.” Is it possible to use the increase in water level plus the area to determine the flow of oil/gas?

  • Heartlerom

    Could that be an explanation on the expected an measured pressure difference

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