‘The Road to Washington’ begins in New Orleans — 9 am CDT this morning (Delayed 1 hour for daylight savings)

On March 13th, 2011, Project Gulf Impact will host a month-long walk for environmental and civil rights awareness. The organization will be providing support services to activist and local Gulf resident Cherri Foytlin, as she embarks on a challenging journey from New Orleans to our nation’s capital. This event will raise awareness about the ongoing need for environmental remediation and economic support in the wake to the BP oil Disaster of April 2010.

More information here.

33 comments to ‘The Road to Washington’ begins in New Orleans — 9 am CDT this morning (Delayed 1 hour for daylight savings)

  • soozla


    Here is a preview of BP’s new campaign..if you should die from complications of eating shrimp..it parasites.. not saturated in oil and corexit.
    The fellow supposedly did not receive compensation…BUT..at the bottom toward the end…there is the BP contact number.

    How telling! Do they think we are morons ..yes they do…
    They know they are killing they people..they just need something else to put it on.
    Fear..they want fear.. they want you to clutch your children and FEAR
    Don’t give it to them..
    BP and its “suck up” the government.. think they are better than the people.
    They are SO wrong.
    They are the ones that are the walking dead —the people may suffer and die but their souls are alive in the Lord.
    It can not be said of them ..as they have sold their souls to Lucifer.
    Yes, elites please go live in our prearranged underground hovels.. like the dying rats you are.. The rest of us will face God’s glory in the sunshine..our souls welcoming the light.
    This man.. well.. you are looking at purgatory..too weak for heaven or hell.

  • soozla

    You know–the ROV watchers.. never gave the all clear…just sayin…

  • soozla

    “All Clear”…No..!

  • Jean

    The BP “shrimp fever” ad campaign is unbelievably disgusting. Is it supposed to be funny? I don’t find any humor in it. Last night I got a BP ad while looking at earthquake videos on MSNBC. I’m not sure what it was, because I immediately muted it, but I think it had this guy in it.

  • monkey99

    No No. This Mr. Blanchard is a SAINT and calling it the way it is. He’s being brutally honest, if you listen real close.

    NOWHERE in that 2 minute video does he say come eat Gulf seafood. In fact, he is telling people if they have eaten it, or they do, they better go make amends with anyone they need to for they are on their way to meet their maker soon. He is apologizing personally for having asked people to eat Gulf shrimp and sincerely sounds like he feels simply awful for this fact.

    I don’t know if Mr. Blanchard is sick himself, but it sounds like he is a shrimper with a conscience. He straightforwardly explains (without mentioning Corexit or BP synthetic bacteria BY NAME)that Gulf shrimp are ridden with parasites and you can eat it or starve, but the results for your body are going to be exactly the same.

    If you look real close, all the pictures of the shrimp catches are disgusting. And NOWHERE is he advocating for BP. He is APOLOGIZING.

    Some may be mistaken when they see the BP logo and this video’s haunting resemblance to BP’s dastardly commercials, but Mr. Blanchard may be a genious as well. Despite what might be a bias given his sweet accent, here Mr. Blanchard is being remarkably subtle and calling BP out.

    If you call the 1-800 number it’s the “BP Horizon Response Center open M-F 6am-6pm”. There isn’t a shred of BP propaganda here. This is a man who is telling you if you eat Gulf shrimp you are going to get an irrevocable fever, and, it seems, he is imploring you to lay the blame squarely at the feet of BP. And, with much remorse, that he is gravely personally sorry.

    Thank you, Mr. Blanchard. You are a saint. I hope to see more shrimpers come forward like this. It is exactly what the Gulf needs. Some brutal honesty.

  • Its Me

    Monkey, you are so right! People, please listen carefully to Mr Blanchard. He is warning people. I thank him and this video needs to be seen by more people. Yes, we are getting sick down here. This is no joke.

  • soozla

    “and it fills you with the darkness”…?
    Let’s all dial BP’s number provided in this vid..and ask just what that means.
    The packaging so typically…BP. Oh, he is correct about people dying in mass.. so eat the seafood or starve..oh yes.. works for depop either way.
    The people need scientific fact.. not people telling them they are going to be filled with darkness!

  • xdrfox

    Is it really Mr. Blanchard speaking here. why not a moving video and not just pictorial ? I saw his commercial 2 nights ago on TV, the one asking people to come on down ! This one should be air and not the other if he knows something we don’t ! I know they have been finding parasites in sea life, they sometime take over when the immune system is not working properly or has been compromised.

  • Its Me

    In the video – eat the seafood or starve…please understand what he means by this. He is a shrimper and this is his business, this is his income, no income and shrimpers starve. So, eat the shrimp and become possibly very ill but have an income or be safe and healthy and not eat the shrimp but have no money to live on. Listen to what he says very carefully. He has stuck his neck out by doing this video.

  • Its Me

    Ok, this video was shot by someone who does comedy videos….so was this done as a farce? If so, this is really a sicko.

  • monkey99

    Fortunately, i don’t own a tv, so i haven’t had the opportunity to see the official BP ad airing presently. if this is true, it’s my guess Mr. Blanchard and perhaps some friends put this together real fast in some sincere moments of “darkness” concerning the “real” ad. it’s all a cut and paste, with no moving action. I doubt, especially now, that Mr. Blanchard has the $$$ to air this on national tv and i simply can’t imagine BP doing so. In anycase, i cannot find one pic here that shows the face of a happy man.

    i doubt this is a farce. “it looks like there was more than oil that got on them shrimp”. i’ll take this as an allusion to Corexit, which in them parts is probably a pretty serious allegation.

    if i were him, and knew what he may know, i wouldn’t be real keen on revealing any details. i bet that BP confidentiality clause carries some real penalties we have yet to see BP see.

    my favorite part, which says it all, “Folks, i am sorry, and i did not know BP’s check was written in human blood, but it is what it is and God help you.”

    Pretty serious stuff for him to be urging those sick to make amends before dying and while doing so warning people if they have eaten the shrimp, they are going to die too. For months some of us have been asking where the voices of the shrimpers are. looks like one of them finally had a call to wake people up. thank you Mr. Blanchard. you are a hero.

  • xdrfox

    Don’t eat a die is the only way to stop a parasite, When you are dead and ash’s there is nothing left for the parasite to eat ! So it dies, hopefully ?
    Boiling them does not kill it ? Synthetic ?
    What kind of parasite is this ?Darkness, does he mean blindness ?
    Is he infected with these parasites ?
    Has BP developed the 500,000 antidote vaccine shots ?

  • xdrfox

    This is as creepy as the Twilight Zones Show that had the guy with the ear wig in his head from South America and it almost drove him nuts until it came out the other ear,… But then he found out it had laid eggs in his head before it came out ! : O

  • xdrfox

    Let’s keep this short,.. Whats not wrong with TV ?

  • monkey99

    uh … makes a good target for shooting practice?

  • xdrfox

    Running a VCR tape of a burning fireplace on it.

    : )

  • soozla

    This guy has lied continually to the public –then he tells everyone they are going to die– say good-bye to kith and kin… he’s sooooo sorry….
    Ya ..well Dudley is sorry too.

  • soozla

    Maybe we can find a shrimper.. who hasn’t been lying through his teeth this whole time!

  • xdrfox

    Or fish’s in an aquarium for my cat, ( me me = Chinese for kitty kitty )

  • monkey99

    yeah, but at least this guy is apologizing to THE PEOPLE. the only sincere sorry spud can manage is in a room with his own kind.

    we could tie spud to a chair and clock-work orange him with images of the Gulf. i doubt he’s seen many.

  • xdrfox

    Lots of fisherman did speak the truth about the oily, Corexit seafood but BP would not Televise them !

  • monkey99

    yet another great reason not to watch tv!

  • Its me

    Mr. Blanchard’s video is now listed on Before Its News.

  • soozla


    …some of us have to be single-minded (pretty much) about this..
    We don’t have a shot at helping the people of Japan.
    We have a small shot of helping the people and wildlife on the GOM.
    We don’t have a single day to waste.
    And where ever you are, Cherri..HELLO!

  • Jack

    WHAT small shot at helping the people and wildlife?
    There is no more inhabitability within the vapor-wind zone
    which will close virtually the entire Southeast.
    If you know some billionaire who can create an instant
    Marine Aquarium and Aviary to save a remnant of species,
    then OK.
    But zoos and aquaria all over the world are reducing their
    deficit-spending, cutting exhibits, and there really is not
    any long-term future for any of us.
    Go get a rental of “Silent Running” starring Bruce Dern.
    Huey, Dewey, and Louie are taught to care for the forest.
    It’s a heart-breakingly poignant film anticipating today’s

  • motherpeace25

    and yet, some of us still care and have hope for the 9th largest body of water in the world, despite all the doom.

    when i want to borrow a white flag, Jack, i’ll make sure to come first ask you.

  • motherpeace25

    The Road to Washington Day 5


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