BP live feed shows possible seepage from crack/fault in seafloor nearby oil gusher; Reported on CNN? (VIDEO)

Filmed at 10:55am EST from Hos ROV 1

Choppy video though something appears to be rising from the crack on the seafloor. The ROV was quite interested in this area and remained stationary for long periods.  The seepage was not constant and appeared to slowly materialize from the seafloor.

The structure is likely the choke/kill manifold just to the right of the BOP.  Location of the choke/kill manifold (collection tubes not used during current psi testing):

Overview of On-site Response to BP Oil Disaster

Yesterday evening on CNN,  Houston oil expert Don Van Nieuwenhuise mentioned a possible fault or crack in the earth that could be leaking. BP was said to be performing additional sonar to learn more.

CNN Expert: BP “double checking” possible “FAULT — a crack in the earth” with new sonar around oil gusher

Don Van Nieuwenhuise interview, CNN’s Situation Room, July 16, 2010 @ 6:45pm EST:

And they’re even getting additional vessels with the side scan sonars to scan even larger areas just to make sure there’s not a leak somewhere else around perhaps if there’s a fault, a crack in the earth, that they know about from their previous seismic that could be leaking.

They’re double checking this.

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