Tilting? Wellhead becomes covered in clouds — ROV turns away and cuts feed (VIDEO)

BP live feed from Development Driller 2 ROV 1, October 15, 2010 at 2:28 a.m. EDT:

Tilt at :28 seconds in; Clouds appear at 1:20 in.

13 comments to Tilting? Wellhead becomes covered in clouds — ROV turns away and cuts feed (VIDEO)

  • maryanne jacobsen

    What are those blue hoses in the video? Are they still spraying Corexit down there?

  • Billy Dale

    Seems as though they’re concealing potential trouble…..

  • I didn’t like the film; there was nothing to truly indicate *tilting*. The ROV camera seemed to be doing the tilting. Also, there was never an indication in the surrounding seafloor that anything was amiss; the wellbore didn’t nestle more or less in any direction — deeper into or higher. It looked stable to me, but that methane — well, I’d like for it to stop. Scary.

  • ghana

    Quiet, cept for the heating methane hydrates…

  • Kat

    It is tilting….I got a pic of it 2 days ago, and the device used to measure tilt (bullseye) showed severe tilt…the bead is supposed to be in the center…but it was all the way to the side. If they show the base of the BOP, look for the little dish with rings in it….that’s the bullseye.

  • D. Thomas

    It’s gas- no particulate matter
    It does look like it’s leaning.
    Kat- can you post your picture?
    Let’s ask the experts about this one?!?! hahahahha.

  • Mac

    It’s been on a lean for a long time now; I measured (albeit primitively) about 4 degrees of tilt a few months ago. If I remember correctly, the Thadmiral acknowledged a 2 or 3 degree lean.

    The “clouds” to me are silt kicked up when that blue hose is drawn tight by the ROV, though I’m not sure if it’s the ROV’s lifeline or if it got caught on a hose.

  • Chelsea

    Sifting through those threads is tedious, but the videos are amazing. However, what Kat is talking about in particular is the level at the base of the wellhead. I happened to be watching the Wellhead Inspection tonight and got a few good glimpses at it, and did get a screenshot. This is what Kat’s talking about. When level, the “bead” would be in the dead-center. This is where it’s at as of an hour ago:


  • Kat,

    I watch the physical apparatus and environment for change, for example, leaning — and I’ve not seen any indication that the wellhead moved/leaned.

    The film posted did not show any movement. The wellhead did not move/lean during that film. It was stable and remained stable. If I can’t rely on the films posted here (floridaoilspilllaw), then why are we reading and posting to this site?

  • Kat

    Here’s the link to the picture of the bulleye showing the well is leaning
    Scroll down the page to see it

  • Kat

    Thanks Chelsea, that’s what I was talking about..

  • I saw the bulls eye, but I just can’t rely on it as proof that the wellhead tilted or moved; if it did it happened prior to the Olympic Challenger ROV film on 8/13. It certainly wasn’t on the video at floridaoilspilllaw. There’s a lot of ‘gook’ in the wellhead and it may not allow the bullseye to return to its former place in the center, without meeting with ‘detour’. Plus, I don’t know how heavy the bullseye is.

    The OC ROV certainly showed the intense methane storm as it thrust itself up from the seabed. Some of it was gas, and some of it had crystallized into chunks )frozen). I believe the methane gas has been persistent for months — it only changes in its force of expulsion, IMHO.

    For me, only the wellhead itself, and its location in the seabed — and its changing position will convince me that it has tilted, and it must show on the video on which claims are made to have filmed it.

    Neither film convinced me.

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