ROV films white chunks flying up near seafloor (VIDEO)

Live feeds from Oly — ROV 1, August 28, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. EDT:

7 comments to ROV films white chunks flying up near seafloor (VIDEO)

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  • I don’t think people are really worried right now!! Not until they start dying and keeling over and having resporitory problems!! So don’t worry!! Swin in it!! Eat its sea food and enjoy it. After all; the toxins are not that bad now!! Unless you are breathing!!

  • ChefJeffH

    Joe thank you for the new site to visit, and Dan are you some sort of church missionary who’s assignment is to monitor websites to promote the virtues of godliness and to let everyone know that God has got it under control. It’s sunday shouldn’t you be at church paying some pastor to make you feel bad about the way you are living? And speaking of leading a large group of people by the nose, how many religious people are in the world?

  • Betsy S.

    Given the amount of oil and chemicals that have been dumped into the GOM, I think it would be wise for folks to exercise an abundance of caution for a good long while with regard to swimming, etc.

  • Rick

    I would be very careful viewing the “Noble Realms” site-my computer very nearly crashed even trying to enter the site-heads up

  • ChefJeffH

    Trust me Rick there is nothing noble about that site, fortunately I did not encounter the same problems. Or was that fortunate? I did in a way agree with the author that it is possible to get too caught up in the whole conspiracy mess, but common sense and research are the thinking mans weapon. The truth is out there and sites like Jeff Rense, Alex Jones and Florida Oil Spill Law are sorting through the information to get to the truth, we sure as hell can’t trust the MSM and the gov. for that.

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