Russia: Nuclear crisis “reaching worst case scenario”

UPDATE 1-Japan crisis reaching worst case scenario-Russia, March 16, 2011 at 10:21 am EST:

… “Unfortunately, the situation is developing under the worst scenario,” Sergei Kiriyenko, who presides over the bulk of the former Soviet Union’s military and civilian nuclear facilities, told Reuters. …

He said the overheating at other reactors at the plant showed the crisis was now escalating according to the worst outcome modelled by the experts.

Kiriyenko, who often accompanies Russian leaders Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin on trips abroad to seal nuclear deals, said the crisis was likely to have a negative impact on Russia’s booming overseas nuclear power construction business. …

Read the report here.

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  • kaller

    So far Japan has been lucky (believe it or not) because the wind is away from the land. So it is a mad race against time to avert the next phase, the irradiation of of Tokyo and all of Japan for that matter. But Japan’s race is also our race. The US is right – there needs to be a long term focus to determine what is done now. The biggest problem is the spent fuel storage pool – they formed steam and dried out. That is the priority. It is not just a matter of the immediate radiation threats to the current generation. We have to keep enough of the spent fuel radio-nuclides from entering the planet’s food chain to ensure the long-term safety of life on the planet.

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