ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD near SARASOTA, FL — Doctors raise DISPERSANT… Close by where 173 ppm oil found in sand (VIDEO)

Dead swans waking up Southwest Florida news rooms? Now asking asking “could it mean the dispersants are here?”

What is making swans sick?, Fox 13 Tampa Bay, September 23, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

Dr. Geoffrey Gardner, a [“world renowned”] Lakeland swan expert, is facing the challenge of a lifetime. Something is killing the seabirds and swans on Long Boat Key…

“Our concern is that it may be coming from toxins in the waters, something coming from the dispersants that might have been used for the Gulf oil spill,” Gardner told FOX 13 on Thursday.

The birds started getting sick and dying two months after the spill…

[W]ildlife rehabbers who discovered the problem are concerned because they have been seeing an alarming number of gulls and terns die lately.

Some parts were left out of the report on the Fox 13 website:

Transcript Summary

Sea birds and swans sick and dying from a mystery illness has investigators worried tonight. They want to know if the sick birds off longboat key have anything to do with the BP oil spill. If it does that could be bad news for other kinds of area wildlife as well.

What’s attacking the birds and swans on Longboat Key?

Concerns that it’s  toxins in the water or dispersant used in oil spill.

Swans started getting sick 2 months after spill and they’re not the only ones dying. So are all kinds of sea birds, gulls, terns and more. Rehabbers are worried because they can’t save these birds like usual. 65 have been lost in a little over a month… you know there’s a problem.

The symptoms are all the same, but could not diagnose the problem.

The birds become weak, paralyzed and just drop dead.

The symptoms and duration are unusual…

It’s a matter of life and death…

Could it mean the dispersants are here?

See also from this week:

Markers show Longboat Key, Siesta Key (Source: Google Maps)

33 comments to ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD near SARASOTA, FL — Doctors raise DISPERSANT… Close by where 173 ppm oil found in sand (VIDEO)

  • fred

    What is making swans sick?

    Gosh. What a mystery. If the mainstream press actually did its job, BP/MMS/Halliburton/Transocean/etc. officials would already be in jail.

  • It was only a matter of time before we started seeing the oil in the Tampa bay area.

    This shit is going to effect a lot of people very quickly and many will be screaming for BP’s blood!




  • Gary

    Its nothing just you people in the south being genocided by BP, the queen and Al bushomma
    Move along nothing to see here
    See you in heaven or hell ever which one’s quicker for you

  • Betsy S.

    Why does it increasingly seem that to read all of the information on this site- as it is becoming, almost daily, more and more dire- is to be reading something “censored”? When these various news items are being unreported by the national American news conglomerates, then they become essentially non-news simply by virtue of their absence in the national spotlight.

    This situation in the GOM, I believe, shows the incredible necessity for news and “the power of the press” to go LOCAL again.

  • D. Thomas

    It’s BP’s calling card… of death. The oil/dispersant is in the water and sand and the toxic effects are moving up the food chain.
    Where is mainstream media?! Where is our government?! Oh yeah, they’re run by corporations!
    Thus far we have seen countless dead fish, turtles, dolphins, whales and birds; we see more sick people each day. I fear it is far from over.

  • premurderedGOM

    The Pontine Marshes of old Italy were purposly destroyed for land development by a man named Benito Mussolini . Today you would never know these once great marshlands existed by looking at the area [wiki] I now believe that our own marshes will be “filled in”. The Fascist gov’t started using propaganda to sell the idea that the marshes are health hazards. My grandfather used to tell this story. He also said that Mussolini was executed 3 years after his takeover. The soldiers hung his body upside down in a petrol station for publc viewing.

  • Our fascist government is worse. They’re destroying the health of the people, and the they will succumb within a few years. It’s a ‘land grab’ using a lethal weapon to accomplish their goal.

    The people along the Gulf Coast are in a desperate situation. The land will not recover, the water will not recover….

  • grandma caesar

    it’s not the oil or the dispersants killing the birds, because people on tv said so. and everyone knows that people on tv are physically incapable of lying.

  • “Oh, no. It wasn’t the Corexit. It was beauty that killed the beast.”

    You’ll laugh ’till you cry. Then you’ll die.

    But who gives a dead sheeple’s ass.

  • catalyst

    isnt it poetic justice though? “and i saw the waters turn like that of blood, and a third of the planet dies”? (or something of that degree) quoting revelations. im throwing an end of humanity blast at my place around december of 2012. anyone wanna come? 😀

  • Tina

    If you are going to test the water, test the water filtered water/drinking water, too. See if the water filters can protect you from corexit. Ugh, I am surprised that all the rich down there isn’t screaming bloody mary! This is purely an attack not only on the poor, but the wealthy as well. BP has literally attacked the US and other parts of the planets, like China, Africa and anywhere else is there’s a oil spill.

  • lisa

    It’s Gods judgment on a lost world. Look in your bibles It is predicted there

  • Lisa,

    I don’t think it’s God’s judgement. I think it’s BP’s greed, negligence, and disrepect. a disrespect for the rules-and-laws regarding corporate behavior and ethics, as well as a kinship with demons, and a fierce hatred of “all God’s children.”

  • We have only seen the tip of the ice burge. We are on this earth with Satans and his Santanic demons. It will only get nuch worse until the end. Choose Christ and things will be ok.

  • Dixie

    There is a lot going on out there that people need to educate themselves on. LOST (law of the sea treaty) which just passed the house, agenda 21 (sustainable development). Let’s not forget the bills out there to control ALL water, food, etc. People this is not conspiracy theory. Get off your butts and do your research. The bills are out there. CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL!

  • What killed the birds?
    What killed the fish?
    Whats killing the children?

    Must be Global Warming! Or at least some natural phenomenon. Can’t be anything that would pose a politically liability to the Obamanos. Can’t be anything that would cost their backers money!

  • KS

    [Could it mean the dispersants are here?]

    Nah! Couldn’t be. Our government wouldn’t allow such a thing. Wave the flag, root for your local team(s), vote for the best of the worst, and keep your mouth otherwise shut. It’ll all go away soon. It always does.

  • stonehillady

    Thank God for the internet….our Media are nothing more then whores who are watched over by the CIA who work for the Fascist Businesses that have NO interest in protecting anything other then their profits. Our elected officials, 9 out 10 are in office because they recieved money from the Fascist to deregulate their operations but, regulate small businesses so they have no competion from them. That is life in what some call FREE America ??

  • Trailcat

    Has it dawned on anyone that April 20 was Hitler’s birthday? Naw, just coincidence.

  • battle-of-saratoga

    September 24, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Our fascist government is worse. They’re destroying the health of the people, and the they will succumb within a few years. It’s a ‘land grab’ using a lethal weapon to accomplish their goal.

    The people along the Gulf Coast are in a desperate situation. The land will not recover, the water will not recover….”

    If this was a land grab, who in their right mind would want to “grab” land that has been destroyed forever?

    This story is more hype than anything else…and I’d be willing to wager that not one of you can prove a thing about any of this!

    I believe it was a land grab, but it also was a way to ram “cap and trade” legislation up our backsides!! Indeed our “representatives” have already passed cap and trade legislation (throw every last one of those pr*cks out…Ron Paul too); just waitin’ for the Senate to follow suit. I don’t understand the reasoning between an alleged oil disaster and cap and trade legislation, but that’s exactly what President Soetero called for at the apex of the hysteria.

    Here’s the giveaway…if oil was spewing from the well head, why wasn’t the Mississippi shut down? Why wasn’t the offshore super tanker port shut down? Why didn’t gas shoot up to 7 or 8 bucks a gallon?

    The whole thing was a false flag “illusion”…oh, they probably did spray corexit, and that would be a concern…but the massive oil contamination hasn’t materialised yet…if it has, kindly post some pics of the massive amounts of oil…not tar balls…OIL!!! You’ll find some…but not massive amounts. The birds are doing fine…time to relax…ok?

    You guys are just as nutty as you were during the apex of the hysteria!!


  • battle-of-saratoga,

    You asked, “If this was a land grab, who in their right mind would want to “grab” land that has been destroyed forever?”

    My answer: BP and the International bankers. Especially the international bankers: The land is extremely valuable and will be more so in the future. The people living there now will need to leave, or they will become permanently ill and homeless; they cannot afford their homes without jobs.

    The coastal land and most of the Gulf of Mexico *is wretched*, and it will remain so for an indeterminate period of time: Perhaps our scientists have more remedies up-their-sleeves than we are aware of. I mean, who of us would have known that we have ‘free energy’ knowledge and technological know-how, but that information is not available to us [how to]. In such a case, who would need BP or any of the other oil companies?

    It is not beyond rational to consider the possibility that the international bankers are in possesion of a secret clean-up technology and at-the-ready; recall that Bruce Willis has a centrifugal system that he is confident can clean the oil from the water; spin it down at “revolutions per minute”: The heavier sinks and the lighter rises to the top. And then you dump the water and call for the tankers.

    The volcanic oil eruption did happen, and as far-as-I-know, the ROV cameras are presently shutdown. Those outside of BP are helpless to prove anything: From the White House to the local government — obstacles are in place to conceal the truth. Don’t ask for *truth* or *proof*. Your “bet” is as fragile as a birds’ egg and discredits your intention.

    To shut down the Mississippi river, do you mean like — close a gate! I don’t think the MS river has a gate. And as far as why the offshore super tanker port wasn’t shut down, why would it have been? Tankers are to be filled with oil, and initially they were, until there was an explosion and fire — and then the dispersant.

    The “gas didn’t shoot up to 7 or 8 bucks a gallon” because the international bankers made that decision based on BP’s imdebtedness; IMHO, BP earned and lost a lot of money [punitive fees/insurance gains].

    Corexit is quite the ‘pretender’. It gets itself snug-as-a-bug in the oil, then it begins to feed on the oil chemically, breaking atoms apart and putting others together, and whoopie, you have oil that has lost a lot of weight, and it frees itself from the bottom of the ocean, where once the satellite images could *show* it as huge miles long pollution, to very small clusters of molecules [oil and dispersant] that are sufficiently light in weight to move along, less visible, but there all the same. The oil has become the great pretender. It’s as if it’s not there — but it is. And while it’s a killer alone, with the dispersant — it is a super killer.

    The birds are not doing fine. The ocean creatures are not fine; most are dead.

    In reference to your statement, “You guys are just as nutty as you were during the apex of the hysteria!!” I respond with…

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. This is just the beginning, unless BP and the international bankers have a remedy. And I pray that they do as well as for the people and animals, either dead or alive.

  • Trailcat,

    Yes! The elites always arrange for their ‘biggest’ events to take place on particular days — days that have symbolic meaning to them.

    Keep in mind that evil is their God’s horseplay.

  • The transformation of our quasi-democratic Republic into a fascist police state has taken place in plain view. The sole protections of Liberty lay in education and alertness of the People, as we were repeatedly warned by Jefferson. It just may not be too late. Read,,, and their links. Join Campaign for Liberty, Amendment10. Tax Revolt, join street protests, reject incumbent politicians, raise political hell. Above all, turn off your TV.

  • Mark

    Lets be real who really believes the results will come back saying its Dispersant’s or BP Oil spill They wont the real results will get lost or changed and The doctors will get phone calls saying that they should be silent on anything to do with BP. The fact is even if it is the BP oil spill we will never know the truth. Like millions of other deaths and the human population getting sick. The Government and EPA will protect BP and say It is warm air or because of god knows what Just like they have done all along. With Millions of other deaths a huge cover up! This story is nothing new just more of the same. Protect the guilty and who cares how much of our world dies its all about big money and who they can pay enough too or threaten to remain silent and treat the American people as if they were just stupid and cant see the writing on the wall
    The Government and BP and the EPA have spent millions on a propaganda network through paid News to say the Gulf is safe and that people can eat and swim in the Gulf No matter what evidence comes up to prove other wise the Governments official position will not change. Soon they will call people conspirators and say we should not question the official story just like 9/11 Its NWO politics poison everything cover it up with lies and threaten or make disappear anyone who challenges or dares to think for them selves that points them out as lyres terrorist murderers. America Is Gone people have not made any moves to save it . Instead we will let them make up bogus laws.
    That protect BP from being prosecuted for environmental terrorism

  • Fay., NC

    I own a flock of Toulouse and Brown Chinese geese. botulism will most certainly wipe out a flock. But we know this isn’t botulism because the rehab woman clearly said they had a problem with high rates of mortality.

    Necropsy has been done, I assure you, and there is a report somewhere tucked away under lock and key away from the publics eyes with info. linking the death of the swans with the deadly cocktail swirling around the waters of the East coast. It is only a matter of TIME before North Carolina gets bombarded with polluted rain. And my geese will be exposed to bad stuff. Waterfowl are delicate and once they go down, they go down. Neuro disorder caused by exposure to toxins and renal/kidney failure resulted. Geese go off their feet when kidney failure occurs.

  • I worry about some parrots “I used to have”. They live in an aviary, that’s near a marina….

  • Swindon1

    I can tell you for sure, that some of us, living in the Gulf or nearby, WILL INDEED KNOW. Because we are taking pictures, doing independent tests, and know what we are looking at, because we have researched it on our own.

    It should be blatantly obvious that the east coast is affected, despite all the denial. There have been fish kills going all the way up to Massachusetts! They say its from the heat. Good God, we are not that stupid. Now we hear that east coast of Florida has corexit in the water, if not the air and the rain too. People are getting sick a mile a minute.

    I’m not staying around here to die, and I hope others will remove themselves from risk and help those they can do the same.

  • Annie H.

    Just REMEMBER, “It’s because of LACK OF OXYGEN”! That’s what’s killing the Birds, Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles…….

    The thing IS, ‘is that they DON’T breathe like the fish DO’! Atleast, this is what the Corp Media Sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  • I want to say thank you a whole lot for the job you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same effective job by you down the road also.

  • Corexit Being Used On The East Coast ?? | Before It’s News
    We have all either seen or have read all the articles of fish kills all up the east coast { a good list here (video) } as the oil crept up the coastline as …

    East Coast Beach sand anomilalies with black stuff — what is that …
    North Peninsula State Park 40 Highbridge Road Ormond by the Sea. East Coast, Oct. 9, 2010 (Video). I have been following the events in the Daytona Beach …

  • I am looking forward to visit and read such information further.

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