Researchers discover oil plume drifting 300 miles from Macondo well (VIDEO)

Scientists say oil is still out there in the Gulf, WWL, October 25, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

The data collected during the voyage is still being analyzed, but there are several preliminary findings causing concern. The first is the presence of orange-colored droplets on crabs, similar to ones found on crabs in a Tulane University lab back in July. Whether the latest droplets are oil or dispersant — or something else entirely — is not clear.

“We suspect that this has something to do with the oil spill,” Taylor said. “We haven’t done the chemical analysis yet to find out what these droplets are, but that’s in progress.”

The second discovery was of an oil plume, found by researchers from Texas A&M University. They found it 300 miles west of the site from where the Deepwater Horizon Rig exploded. There is also evidence of oil from the spill found in the sediment of the Gulf floor.

“We’ve confirmed because we had a fingerprinted at an independent lab that the oil that we found close to a mile deep in the sediment is from the BP Horizon site,” Hocevar said.

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  • ghana

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    Ghana Serapis

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  • Mihail

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