Scientist predicts martial law to be imposed: “Beaches will eventually be closed to everyone besides clean-up vessels” — “Air quality will sharply decline”

Could illnesses be linked to BP oil spill?, Tri-Parish Times, March 10, 2011:

Emphasis Added

An analytical chemist with 30 years of experience, [Bob] Naman also expressed an extremely pessimistic viewpoint on the Gulf’s future, offering an unprompted prediction that air quality will sharply decline, beaches will eventually be closed to everyone besides clean-up vessels and martial law will be granted.

Naman said that by now 2-butoxyethanol no longer remains in the environment, and Gulf residents and clean-up workers have to deal with the byproducts of the chemistry project.

“A mix of oil/dispersant/water resulted which is heavier than water and sinks to the gulf floor,” Naman said in a follow-up e-mail. “The mixture has resulted in [Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH)] compounds and petroleum/dispersant remnants as well as degradation biproducts of the mixture.

“These ‘blobs’ will eventually come ashore with southern winds and if a hurricane comes our way…when it does the entire gulf seashore will be inundated with tarry mats and will heavily contaminated beaches and will impact air quality to a degree never seen. Biodegradation is going very slow because this goop is toxic and microbes dont like it. (sic)” …

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30 comments to Scientist predicts martial law to be imposed: “Beaches will eventually be closed to everyone besides clean-up vessels” — “Air quality will sharply decline”

  • Dixie

    I become more convinced by the day that this horror was purposefully allowed to happen to destroy the Southern states

  • Pave our Gulf BP!! The governors, State REpresentatives, and the mainstream media of all four states. Are right there with you on this. It is a criminal act of collusion by all parties and they should be prosecuted. It is amazing how little or much money canbuy. The health of your children dgrand children yourselves. Oh i forget they have other homes we paid for or BP paid for.

  • Chelsea

    Hey, I was born in 1984 with 6 inches of my large intestine undeveloped due to my mother working directly with crude at a Sunoco refinery. They wouldn’t acknowledge anything until her OB/GYN went to the CEO and demanded her a leave or he’d sue them left, right, and center. After she returned to the job, the union foreman’s son and two of his friends threatened to blow up her plant if she didn’t either sleep with her boss or quit. She quit. I KNOW for a FACT that that the people, the unborn babies (and those already born), the miscarriages, all of these health things suddenly showing up after the blowout is very much likely because of the oil and Corexit…. just the oil alone is why I bear two 8 inch scars across my stomach for the colostomy I needed to save my life at 3 days old. I know it because I BEAR IT! And I still have physical problems, 26 years later. All of these health findings hurt my heart but it is of NO surprise to me because I’ve been there and done that and still doing it!!

  • Chelsea

    And as I read the entire article… Lord help us, I pray we don’t have an active (Gulf) hurricane season.

  • soozla

    With an effectiveness rate of only 63% or less.. in the other forms of Corexit.. there is still plenty of chem marker….EVERYWHERE…to indicate this comes from the BP oil gusher.

  • Chelsea:

    It feels very threatening to realize that our government and scientists can create the storms that are so feared.

  • The last sentence in the second article above, states that the chemical signature of the oil can be erased or destroyed by 2-butoxyethanol in the corexit [paraphrased].

  • Slick

    Biscuit, I wouldn’t be surprised if the oil disaster is only the first part of a double-play.

    First they flood the whole Gulf coast with poison, then they unleash either an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane and the area will be completely uninhabitable to everything except more oil rigs.

  • uncomfortablynumb

    Well Ma….we knew this was coming, it was only a matter of time. Instead of hopping in our Fords, Chevrolets and Plymouths and heading to California, it will now have to be on a 747 and heading to the Pacific Rim.
    Our crops are being destroyed,human lives intentionally compromised, means of making a living on the coast are gone and.. those..those tar babies, they say nothing.(no prejudice intended)
    Hell…the great depression from the past will be nothing compared to this.
    Our tangible assets(whatever is left) will be obligated to the Chinese Gov’t probably at 10 cents to the $ as compensation for U.S. deficit in trade.
    All intentional of course.

  • Slick:

    I believe that the Earth will create the tsunami, when, or if it begins to fill the empty spaces left by the oil and gas departures. Those spaces can accommodate a lot of seabed. And should it fall, it will be catastrophic. Very frightening.

    Floods may be created by the vicious storms that will surely come: IMHO, the ocean water is warmer than it should be because of its increased vicosity, and this produces the heat energy and condensation necessary for stormy weather.

    But yes, our government is very proud of its most extreme accomplishments, and one of those is to own and manage the weather –w henever and wherever desired.

    Some feel that there is a discrete weather war going on [now] between the United States and an unknown *other* country. This is why so many heads of state [China, Russia, Mexico… ] accuse other countries of creating earthquakes, ectera.

    Because it is a real threat and it has happened.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Since people are getting sick and dying, beaches should be closed now.

    Signs should be put up warning people that the beaches and water is a health hazard.

    The people in charge already know this is toxic. How can anyone allow kids or anyone go on these beaches and play in this mess?

    There is a lot of people who don’t know how dangerous this stuff is.

    If it is not posted, people think that it’s safe to use the beach.

  • People need to be warned but most people have no idea, Obama says it’s safe… what the heck… go on in. I can’t stand the thought of children playing on these beaches. The MSM won’t warn the world so it is up to us. Please Spread this far and wide:

    I saw a meeting where Dr. Joye said Corexit was NOT breaking down as expected; the study was incomplete, enough to know that, but she did not elaborate. So what if they’re still spraying? There is circumstantial evidence that suggests they are… someone is using a lot of Corexit 9527A, and this fishy boat is not fishing;

    Corexit is in the rain- my plants that get rain are dead/dying but the ones right next to them, but under cover are fine. They just turn black, dead; some I’ve had for 10 years. There are not as many frogs as usual this year… I am 30 miles inland. I don’t think anyone should live on the coast but don’t think BP will pay for that in a billion years.

    The Gulf beaches should be closed for everyone except WELL protected clean up workers! The Gulf waters should be closed to ALL fishing.
    I think it’s safe to say billions of critters have died, all sorts and sizes. If nothing else, the surviving critters should be left to reproduce, recover, replenish. NOAA has no problem shutting it down if they think there is “over-fishing”.

    Now this LIE is gonna make ya mad but you have to consider the source, authors;
    “Consumers can be confident in the safety of Gulf seafood”;

    I have a friend in Germany that sees ads for FL running now, all is fine and everybody is happy. There won’t be any signs unless We the People make them.

  • Chelsea

    There’s no reason for anyone to sit around and say that quakes and tsunamis and whatnot “can’t happen to them”. After all, look at what just happened to Japan. And there are significant seismograph readings currently going on in Yellowstone. And the fault that is in the GOM itself… people need to get out now.

  • And don’t forget the Madrid Fault: Our scientists (geological survey) are very anxious about it as well.

    And then again, there continues to be the struggling Earth along the Gulf of Mexico — in the vicinity of the DWH and the resultant fractured rock shelf.

  • soozla

    Alabama has loads and loads of money inversted in FEMA. Why?
    There are billions of dollars invested in FEMA…domestic preparedness, etc.
    What is the government’s plan to care for the people?

  • soozla

    As Paul Revere was riding to warn the people that the British were coming — he was scolded by a man for being too noisy.
    Paul Revere replied… “Think it’s noisy now the regulars are coming”

  • Jean

    Center for Domestic Preparedness might be the Orwellian name for FEMA camp? Maybe this is just an earmark total waste of money, or maybe they know something that we don’t know about to be prepared for.

  • xdrfox

    FEMA Prepares for HAARP Earthquake on New Madrid Fault Line BP *VIDEO*


  • There is a huge methane deposit waiting to blow at the Macondo site. They were warned not to drill there. It was after all, a methane explosion that blew the well/rig. The crude exiting the seafloor was/is 40% methane. What is hard to understand about these facts. The tidal wave will kill millions! Many have been having dreams about a tidal wave in the Gulf, myself included. Linda Newkirk has received prophecy about the methane explosion/tidal wave. The sad part is that few will leave the region, and few will take this warning seriously and try to warn others. Too busy watching the TV……

  • WindorSolarPlease

    This site is wonderful, you all bring so much information here. I learn more here than the regular media. Amazing links. People are working hard in getting the information out.

    Unfortunately, many don’t believe anything online. These are the people who need to be reached by the regular media, that they have long trusted.

    I wish we could get the media reporting on this with updating information, reaching others that don’t read the articles online.

    There is information online, why can’t it also be in the regular media?
    People also need to be warned with signs up on the beaches.

    It doesn’t help when the officials go in the class rooms and teach with cocoa that all is ok. Things are not ok.

    This situation should be treated as the disaster, that it is.

    Besides this toxic soup, they also drilled where it is unstable, that also can cause a problem.

    Why do we have the security at the airports when our officials allow the corporation elites to do this?

    Terrorists can wear many coats even the expensive ones and destroy this Country and it’s Constitution.

  • monkey99

    as close to a fly-over view as we are going to get. anyone still want to take a swim?

  • Wow, that’s really terrible, what an unpleasent prediction. I have a friend staying in Alabama for school right along the gulf near Florida, and he claims it’s turned a once flourishing tourist attraction all summer into basically a ghost town. I may not live anywhere near there but I certainly hope something can be done to prevent such a dreary future for the region.

  • I agree – this site is a great source of information you wouldn’t read about in the media because the officials are too busy hiding it from you.

    They are never going to ban people from the beaches or stops kids going into the water. Tourism is too much of a money maker. They dont care about the impact on the health of the generation – someone else’s problem – right?

  • soozla

    Yes..they think it is someone elses problem.. but guess what?
    Toxins are equal opportunity..
    Those standing around down there ” in-charge”, the folks out on the rigs and their military pals are being heavily exposed to toxins. They have relatives in the area.. they are exposed.. too. Their elderly , their children, babies, die ,too.
    Good enough for mine..good enough for theirs!

  • Its me

    Well, the spring breakers are here and they are eating the seafood and enjoying the sandy beach. Local news happy about putting “heads in beds” and our wonderful oil free beaches. I am afraid to eat the seafood (oh and I just love it) and won’t go to the beach to collect shells. I just pray that out visitors are safe and do not end up with health problems due to the chemicals. I have seen the corexit foam and the trail it made out into the water, and people fishing in that same water.

  • soozla

    A tremendous amount of chemicals have been used to get the desired effect…something tells me after spring break.. BP is going to pull out and the people will be left with a different scenario….forever.

  • Its me

    sigh…I am afraid you might be right.

  • soozla

    Scene de faire noir…
    An evil clown(BP) came to town..and crawled in the window and the little tin soldiers got out of the drawer all by themselves….
    Mayhem ensues..
    …wars on distant shores
    …the blowing up of seafloors
    …mass murder..and after
    …the kissy-kissy of oil just like a whore
    The sea is black tonight…who could ask for more?

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