Scientists: Acceptable levels of toxic PAH in the Gulf raised simply for the BP disaster

From the Shores of Louisiana – Is gulf seafood safe?, Gadling (AOL Travel), October 20, 2010:

In June, says Subra, while the spill was still unfolding “the FDA, in association with NOAA, raised the acceptable levels of PAH, without providing a rationale for why. …

“Here’s part of its statement in the Protocol for Interpretation and Use of Sensory Testing and Analytical Chemistry Results for re-opening oil-impacted areas closed to seafood harvesting by the FDA, published June 18, 2010: ‘The new numbers were developed specifically for the unprecedented Deepwater Horizon Oil spill event and will not necessarily be applicable after all fisheries closed due to oil contamination are re-opened for safe harvest. Levels of concern and other factors for any subsequent oil spill event would be independently evaluated based on case-specific information.”

In other words, according to Subra and other scientists, the acceptable levels of PAH in the Gulf’s marine life were raised simply to address the impacts of the BP spill. It smacks less of concern for long-term human health, and more about getting the economy going again. …

5 comments to Scientists: Acceptable levels of toxic PAH in the Gulf raised simply for the BP disaster

  • Dixie

    Well there you go! TO hell with the health of ANYONE whether they live in the Gulf or visit. Just go on ahead and poison the lot! Those that do their research already know that the eugenics scum are alive and well and want to reduce the population because they see us (not them) as a nothing more than cockroaches to be squashed.

  • Nope, it means they are acknowledging that harm is being cuz, and they are taking the steps to limit fines and penalties as a prememptive stike. Street people call it a sockers punch. We got suckered punched and Obama let it happen. So someone out there please tell me what’s so good about a Law Professor as President, when his heart is not with the people who elected him?

  • well...

    Dixie, I’ve heard that population control is on the agenda ever since I worked with an atty. whose father worked under Rumsfeld in D.C. during the Bush years…He was so certain about it. Well, the point being is that this plan will boomerang back on anyone who is living in the Western hemisphere. Even Cheney or whomever in their bunkers need fresh air, water, soil, natural light, and the ecosystem for sanity, survival, and quality of life. This plan will throw all the babies out with the bathwater, so to speak!!

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