Scientists find “THICK” layer of oil on seafloor for “DOZENS of miles in ALL directions” — Water as shallow as 300 FEET (PHOTO)

Researchers in the Gulf of Mexico “are discovering a substantial layer of oily sediment stretching for dozens of miles in all directions,” according to the report Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Sea Floor airing on the radio program All Things Considered at 7 p.m. EDT.

This suggests that “a lot” of the oil “has settled to the sea floor” according to the report.

The research mission aboard the Oceanus began on August 21 and is ongoing.

A professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Georgia, Samantha Joye, told ATC that, “It’s showing up in samples of the sea floor, between the well site and the coast.” On a satellite phone from the boat, she said, “I’ve collected literally hundreds of sediment cores from the Gulf of Mexico, including around this area. And I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Oiled sample on left, control sample on right. Photo by Samantha Joye (All Things Considered)

In some places the oily material was “some places more than two inches thick — covering the bottom of the sea floor… there are little tar balls in there,” she added.

The report added, “It’s very clearly a fresh layer. Right below it she finds much more typical seafloor mud. And in that layer, she finds recently dead shrimp, worms and other invertebrates.”

“We have to [chemically] fingerprint it and link it to the Deepwater Horizon… But the sheer coverage here is leading us all to come to the conclusion that it has to be sedimented oil from the oil spill, because it’s all over the place,” Joye said.

All of the samples sets taken on the trip “contain this layer,” noted ATC, “These new findings strongly suggest that it didn’t just drizzle oil — in some places it was a blizzard.”

Joye said, “It’s starting to sound like a tremendous amount of oil. And we haven’t even sampled close to the well head yet.”

David Hollander is part of the the University of South Florida research team that last month found oil particles covering the seafloor just 40 miles from the coast of Panama City, FL.

According to the report Hollander said, “The government’s original attempt to figure out what happened to the oil toted up how much washed ashore, how much evaporated and how much might have stayed under the waves. But it didn’t consider that oil could also end up on the sea floor.”

“So now the bottom really is turning out to be an important sink for the oil,” he noted

And how close to shore is this sunken oil? “Joye’s findings so far have found oil in depths ranging from 300 to 4,000 feet.”

3 comments to Scientists find “THICK” layer of oil on seafloor for “DOZENS of miles in ALL directions” — Water as shallow as 300 FEET (PHOTO)

  • xdrfox

    The Gulf Stream has Stopped causing a brew of unknown anomalies of Health Hazards.

    Could it be in fact all the dead sea life that is causing the green and black algae that is flowing at alarming rates and that this BLACK algae has never been seen before on local beaches but BP gave it a name as concerns were expressed to them at BP ?? I suspect that the BLACK algae is the dead micro, plankton and minerals that has been seen throughout the Gulf and reported as Brown Muck is now fermenting and rotting turning into whatever the end of brings and how the Ocean will deal with it ?? …

  • premurderedGOM

    Ummm….. where the hell did they think the 150+ million gallons of toxic sludge went? I realize that the GOM is a really vital issue, but would you please give the public SOME CREDIBLE INFO ON THE STATE OF THE LOOP CURRENT? Being this is the start of the Thermohaline circulation, we should be informed. It appears , through FOREIGN news sources, we are being banned from knowing the state of our own damn affairs. A good search for info brings up nothing!. The last report was from an ITALIAN Physicist named Dr. Zangari on Sept.6/10. Some of us realize that the worlds weather is abruptly changing. If the loop current has stalled and does not start up again, the weather will kill us all. By 2011 we will not have a food supply. Then what? I believe that people should know the truth, but it won’t come from the so-called leaders. The know nothing check collectors. They have mega cities to hide in underground. We need to be informed as to protect ourselves and prepare. What a pathetic nation this has tured out to be, run buy clowns who do not even value human or animal life. The above poster says it all, “whatever the end brings”……..

  • Aotearoa New Zealand alpha omega land of the rising sun, makes sense we lead the world in realigning planets bio-rhythm of thirteen moons and our human internal clocks bio-rhythms of the quartermoon, fullmoon, threequartermoon and the no moon called a new moon, there is no moon in a new moon cycle, then builds again 13 times of synchronicity harmony the rest will sort it self out. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand First Galactic Community

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