Local seafood workers insist Apalachicola Bay is “badly contaminated with oil” — Private testing shows product was “tainted”

Experts say no oil in bay, Seafood workers say there is evidence to contrary, Apalachicola Times, November 17, 2010:

A small group of vocal seafood workers insisted the bay is badly contaminated with oil; representatives of the Coast Guard and DEP asked for evidence of the pollution. …

Taunya James, president of the Franklin County Seafood Workers’ Association (FCSWA)… said FCSWA had samples tested privately that showed the product was tainted.

Apalachicola resident Benjamin Owens displayed pictures which he said showed petroleum contamination in the bay.

State officials and the Coast Guard, as well as BP, disagree with the workers:

Representatives of British Petroleum (BP), the Coast Guard, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Community Services (FDACS) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) all told the audience continuous testing, since the spill, has revealed no evidence of oil contamination in the county’s coastal waters. …

Yet in the same article, the Coast Guard reveals:

Lt. Anthony Romero… said only 400 pounds of product (petroleum and related chemicals from the spill) had been found in Franklin and Gulf counties combined…

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11 comments to Local seafood workers insist Apalachicola Bay is “badly contaminated with oil” — Private testing shows product was “tainted”

  • Albert Trimble

    Who are you going to believe? Your own lying eyes or the always truthful government and BP?

  • Jean

    Of course DEP didn’t find any oil. They only did a few tests in Franklin County.

    The state emergency operations recon reports during July and August had findings of at least 2 lightly oiled seagulls at St. George Island and Apalachicola. Even with oil on them, they must have flown in from Pensacola or Panama City.

    The article mentions black helicopters. I saw a black helicopter flying over Bald Point State Park in eastern Franklin County on 7/10/10 at 10:37 AM. It was heading in the direction of the Tallahassee airport. A few minutes before, a Coast Guard helicopter flew over, flying so low that I could easily identify it. I thought they were probably doing recon. Then the black helicopter flew over, and I was able to get a picture as it headed away. Even zooming in on the picture showed no identification numbers. Even now, I still find this very weird.

    It wasn’t spraying anything, but on numerous occasions at Bald Point during the summer, I could smell something strange when I got there early in the morning.

  • soozla

    Its hard to understand the gall it takes to “stonewall” the people. The oil is there, they say it isn’t.The people can’t move in any direction until they understand this part of the equation.

  • xdrfox

    Is there another smell that you can compare it to that you have smelled before anywhere ? Not just since the Gusher !

  • Jean

    xdrfox–The smell was nothing like I’ve ever smelled. It didn’t smell like oil, gasoline, kerosene, lighter fluid, or any petroleum product. It had kind of a burnt smell, but not like wood smoke from a wildfire or prescribed burn. It also had somewhat of an odor of ammonia. I really can’t describe it, because I had never smelled it before. I also smelled it in Tallahassee a few mornings at dawn in early July, when the wind was from the west or southwest.

  • Jean

    The Florida Dept. of Agriculture has a job opening for a marketing person to promote the Florida seafood industry. A Bachelor’s Degree is required. Of course this must be a BS degree (LOL).

  • xdrfox

    Like burnt wireing ? Almond smell ?

  • xdrfox

    I the mornings the air is thick with moister and laced with higher concentrates of what ever is in the air. I have smelled things in the morning also when I open the door, my lungs do not want to breath it, you see they have found out our lungs can taste. Makes sense doesn’t it. … http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/our-lungs-can-taste-bitterness-in-the-air-say-scientists-2115648.html

  • Jean

    xdrfox–The smell could be sort of like burnt wiring. I didn’t notice an almond smell. But it’s hard to say, it was such a weird smell. I thought maybe it was from the oil burns going on out in the Gulf, even though that was probably 300-400 miles away.

  • xdrfox

    The smells are associated with know VOC’s, chemicals some from crude oil and treatments used, but there are some that may be unrelated to the oil. I have smelled a number of them during the past months. They were not from power of suggestion. It is in mornings were the air is thick and lay near the ground, often smell a lite scent of muriatic acid or a strange lite sour unfamiliar smell. It is so faint scent almost undetectable, but our sense’s have be overrun with VOC’s that will actually take away your sense of smell.

  • It’s certainly a huge contradiction to state that no oil has been recovered and then to state that “ONLY” 400 lbs of oil & it’s related chemicals have been found.What are related chemicals?Dispersants!The Sert Gator site showed huge amounts of oil in June & July off St.George Island,yet,no oiled boom was brought in for decomtamination.So,where did it all go? According to local VoO,they sunk it using dispersants!In the article,they use an “algea bloom” to explain away photos of dispersed oil in the Apalachicola Bay.Pre-oil spill,they never would have allowed the Bay to stay open if an algea bloom was even slightly suspected.So,why is the Bay open?
    The point I’m making is “no testing or sampling” is being done anywhere around Apalachicola Bay,yet,harvesting of all seafood has continued in since day one of the spill…
    As for the smell in the air-it’s been like this since June when they “recovered” the 400 lbs. of product!

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