Secret to their Success: Feds finally admit NOT testing seafood from oiled areas (VIDEO)

Gulf Oil Spill and Seafood Safety Government Panel, House Committee Energy & Commerce, Energy and Environment, August 19, 2010:

Edward Markey, (D-MA) Subcommittee Chairman.

Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, Senior Adviser Food and Drug Administration — Science, Innovation, and Policy.

“WE HAVE SO FAR TESTED  ABOUT 500 ANIMALS” – Donald Kraemer, Acting Deputy Director Food and Drug Administration, Food Safety.

13 comments to Secret to their Success: Feds finally admit NOT testing seafood from oiled areas (VIDEO)

  • jec

    This is so difficult to read about. NOT testing in oiled areas. No baseline. And, of course, those fish, and other wildlife can migrate worldwide. At least the comments on testing and lack of–are now in the “record”–and taken under oath. Why do I feel the testimony was like pulling teeth? Thanks to a very determined Congressman, Edward Markey, with his direct questioning –and to Dr. Ian MacDonald (FSU),scientists/academia, and the people of the Gulf who are speaking out and identifying critical BP Oil Spill dangers.

  • anon

    Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 19(2), 1983, pp. 106-109


    Sea turtles found dead when the Ixtoc I oil spill reached Texas waters were necropsied and tissues were analyzed for residues of petroleum hydrocarbons. Two of three turtles were in poor flesh, but had no apparent oil-caused lesions. There was evidence of oil in all tissues examined and indications that the exposure had been chronic. Comparisons with results of studies done on birds indicate consumption of 50,000 ppm or more of oil in the diet. Some possible mechanisms of mortality are suggested.

  • Malia

    Mr. Markey is one of the few incumbents who should retain his job. Thank you Mr. Markey and thank you FloridaOilSpillLaw for an outstanding job in reporting this situation.

  • Dave Bellefontaine

    Thank God I live in Canada. Where it hasn’t affected us Yet. I sure do hope it can be cleaned up soon before it does hit us.

  • Carol

    Dear Dave,
    I understand your relief at not being hit by toxins but you need to understand that we are now a global economy whether we like it or not.. Obama’s health care will impact canada’s cheap drugs as we wont be selling our overage anymore. The seafood? the toxins will infect a large portion of the ocean, brings down food supply. Everything that these ppl in power do, eventually affects us all.

  • TSGordon

    The spokesperson from the EPA presented *their views in a way explicitly to reassure the Public that ALL, (NOT SOME) of OUR safety concerns can be dispelled, and that “we must collectively disregard any safety questions that may remain.”

    (OK, Let’s get out our shovels, cowhands.)

  • TSGordon

    Tap your shoes, and repeat three times:
    “–follow the yellow brick road!”

  • Michael in Pittsburgh

    Well, that could mess up business !

  • Michael in Pittsburgh

    I guess they just haven’t thought of that !

  • Michael in Pittsburgh

    Those liberals just want to regulate every last thing there is…

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