Shockingly high Benzene levels found in Biloxi, MS blood samples — Includes 10 year-old child

Evaluation of the Results of Whole Blood Volatile Solvents Testing, Wilma Subra, January 18, 2011:

Whole blood samples were collected from 12 individuals between the ages of 10 and 66 on September 13 and 27, 2010, November 1, 22 and 29, 2010 and December 6, 2010. The individuals consisted of 10 and 11 year old males, four adult males and six adult females. The individuals were male and female cleanup workers on Orange Beach, Alabama, male and female crabbers from the Biloxi, Mississippi area and individuals living on Perdido Key, Alabama. The blood samples were analyzed for Volatile Solvents by Method 0762, by Metametrix Clinical Laboratory in Duluth, Georgia.


Four whole blood samples, from 46 year old male and female, 51 year old female and 10 year old male, contained 3.1 to 9.3 ppb Benzene. The Benzene values were 11.9 to 35.8 times higher than the NHANES 95th Percentile value of 0.26 ppb. The 46 year old male and female and 10 year old male were from one family of crabbers from the Biloxi, Mississippi area. The 51 year old female was also a crabber from the Biloxi, Mississippi area.

See the report here.

Why is it shocking that Benzene levels were found up to 35.8 times higher than the 95th percentile?

Health Concerns – Benzene, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation:

[I]nhalation of elevated levels of benzene for long periods of time may damage the tissues that form blood cells, especially the bone marrow.

Anemia, excessive bleeding and leukemia (cancer of the blood forming organs) may result.

Blood processes may return to normal if exposure has been limited and the person returns to breathing fresh air (ATSDR, 1996a).

Prolonged exposure to elevated levels of benzene may also weaken the immune system thus decreasing the body’s ability to fight infection and perhaps ward off cancer.

Exposure to benzene has also been associated with damage to the body’s genetic material (chromosomes).

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  • I hope the individuals are all doing the “alternative medicine” regimen: Without it, IMHO, they will remain sick until they breathe in for the last time in older age — if they can manage to hold on after three years have passed.

    For all practical purposes, the Russians have assumed partial responsibility by buying into BP. I think *damages liability* is over.

  • soozla

    ….ok ….so the Russians are major stockholders…in BP now…so when we pay BP for gas/oil..we are paying the Russians…and we now go to the Russians to settle the liabilties of the BP oil volcano disaster?
    I wonder how Det Norske Veritas plays into this?

  • soozla

    …and I’m going to say this. It is of my opinion —–the Democrats in Washington know all about the GOM disaster and are too weak to speak up. In the last election the Gulf coast states went further Red with the Tea Party leading the charge.So…these are the people that are currently in charge down there –and the “officials”the people should look to for the truth.

  • soozla

    …..and a plan that is going to work to help the people.

  • soozla
    RE: GOM
    Putin says—–uh—oh ya— something about a special research center to study shelf projects.

  • Pollution & Smoking Kills!!!

    Benzene is one of the top 5 most toxic chemicals in the world, per the EPA hazards list. It ranks just below Arsenic, which is reliably fatal, of course.

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