No menstrual period for 4 months when doused with Gulf water — “Like being covered in stinging jellyfish”

In the Bayou, Husband and Wife Battle Oil Disaster and Fish for Survival, NRDC Switchboard by Rocky Kistner, December 1, 2010:

Darla remembers what it felt that night after she was doused with water that she believes was full of oil and dispersants. It was like being covered in stinging jellyfish, she says, except there were no jellyfish to be found.

“My husband shook the nets and water went on me. I didn’t have a menstrual period for four months. I had rash, itching irritated skin, something similar to bronchitis which I’ve never had. It lasted for three or four months. Eye irritations, heart pains, heart palpitations, involuntary muscles jumping all over my body, and continuous headaches day and night… all I would get is a about a 15 minute to a 20 minute break from pain relievers that are specifically designed to get rid of headaches, that’s the only break I would get. And I had to eat those 24 hours a day, seven days a week for three to four months… And they want to tell me to eat the seafood? Why don’t they eat the seafood. I’ll go catch them and I’ll throw BP a big old boil….I’m not eating it.”

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