“Shut Up”: After discovering undersea oil plumes Feds told scientists to “RETRACT”, then attempted to discredit research

According to the St. Petersburg Times, after University of South Florida scientists reported discovering “signs that the oil spewing from the well had formed a 6-mile-wide plume,” the reaction by the federal agencies that sponsored their research was “shut up.”

The personal experiences of scientists dealing with the federal government recounted by the Times are troubling.

William Hogarth, dean of USF’s marine sciences department was told by some officials to “retract USF’s public announcement” of the plume.

He said, “I got lambasted by the Coast Guard and NOAA when we said there was undersea oil.” The dean compared it to “being ‘beat up’ by federal officials.”

An oceanographer at the University of Southern Mississippi performed a similar mission to find undersea plumes of oil and had a similar problems, “We expected that NOAA would be pleased because we found something very, very interesting… NOAA instead responded by trying to discredit us. It was just a shock to us.”

Read the full article here: USF says government tried to squelch their oil plume findings, St. Petersburg Times, August 10, 2010

3 comments to “Shut Up”: After discovering undersea oil plumes Feds told scientists to “RETRACT”, then attempted to discredit research

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I hope that the Scientists, Oil People, Our Leaders, and anyone who knows will gather together, that they will step up together and let the public know. I hope that the wealthy will order private testing’s and let those tests be known.
    We all know there are still problems in the Gulf. We know our Government and people have allowed BP in charge of this whole operation, even though this company has caused this. Which that has never made any sense to me.
    I hope that the greedy take off their blindfolds and do and say what is right for this Country. We all live in this world. Why would anyone want to harm it?
    This is Not The Time to SHUT UP..It’s The Time to Take Charge to SAY AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT.
    The people want the truth….They want the chemicals stopped..Everyone is tired of the run around, lies, tired of PB in charge with all the power. Where are our Officials monitoring this situation? Our eyes are becoming open to all the corruption, the lies, the greed.

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