“Significant upswing in cancer” for Gulf expected — MAY EXTEND BEYOND REGION

Curbside Consult, Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards, Dr. Michael Harbut, Professor of Medicine, Wayne State University, August 5, 2010:

Watch Dr. Harbut’s introductory statement where he explains that this is information about his experiences with petroleum exposure. It is NOT intended as medical advice:

See here for Dr. Harbut’s closing remarks and contact information:

For more information or to download the full 22 minute video, visit http://www.sciencecorps.org/gulf_oil_spill_health_hazards.html

1 comment to “Significant upswing in cancer” for Gulf expected — MAY EXTEND BEYOND REGION

  • Chelsea

    I wish I had the $$ to get a dear friend out of Everglade City. She has already suffered through numerous cancers due to other reasons, now this? I read the article about the shrimpers pulling out of the Keys due to a crew pulling up oil-covered shrimp, so I can only imagine what is seeping into the marshlands north of the Keys. I want to get her out of there so bad, but my own medical bills due to MY exposures keep me stuck, and she is too poor to just up and move. I hate this. It all just makes me so sad and mad. There are days my husband has to pull the Internet from me just to get me to calm down; it makes me that mad.

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