Single mother of two young children on third job around Gulf since blowout — “Everything’s going bankrupt” …more (VIDEO)

… They are given no reason and as with virtually all aspects of the oil spill, there is zero transparency. They are broke, have large medical bills from oil-spill related illnesses, and have no idea what is happening or what to do next.

7 comments to Single mother of two young children on third job around Gulf since blowout — “Everything’s going bankrupt” …more (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    SAD Seems the Companies and Corporations are getting BP $ but average people are not. This is one of many videos and stories like this I have read or seen. 20 Billions and how much have they sent out, last I heard was 320 Million sent out. Not the Way to Make it Right BP ! Poor Girl probably doesn’t get Child Support either. Food Stamps hopefully but all that moving around, be hard to do ! Bye Wilber !

  • D. Thomas

    I have heard this scenario too many times! Corporate pig roast anyone? The economy was bad to begin with- BP oil gusher didn’t help! BP et al lied about safe seafood- so fishing could be opened and all is well again [BS!!!]- the only reason was so BP could save claim$$.

    BP is toxic to US! Lobbying is Toxic to Democracy! Americans have lived with the frustration of corporate sway; our acceptance threshold has split open and expanded like the oil from “Macondo Well 252”. If politicians need lobbyists to recommend what they should do, then they do not belong in office! We’ve all got to start thinking differently!

  • xdrfox

    PB’s Synthia is going to be the one that we all take note on … Synthetic Virus Nothing new, First synthetic virus created July, 2002 More Links & Inf. (VIDEO) …
    By xdrfox (Bio|Stories) on Monday, November 01, 2010 12:30 …,_First_synthetic_virus_created_July,_2002_More_Links_Inf._VIDEO.html

  • xdrfox

    Any one that has been in office needs to be out of Office. Start 8 year limits. Been saying this for years.

  • Chelsea

    Everyone except Nungesser. That man deserves to be Governor or higher. He seems to be the only one who gives a d*mn.

  • Money 4 Nothing

    Why isn’t MSM covering this? Why did Obama say this leak was sealed? why isn’t Jindal and other Gov’s insisting on evacuating there citizens if he really gives a damn about his constituants? WTF is going on down there?

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