“Slick is exponentially larger and may cover more than 100 square mile” according to satellite imagery (VIDEO)

New Oil Slick in Coastal Louisiana, KATC, March 23, 2011:

High resolution satellite imagery courtesy of NASA indicated a large oil slick hugging the Southeast Louisiana Coastline from Grand Isle westward through Timbalier and Terrebonne Bays and west to Isles Denieres.

A Houston-based oil company, Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners, which earlier accepted responsibility for the spill saids it remains “surprised” that what it thought was a “minor discharge from a dormant well” could have produced such a large slick.

The same company late Wednesday afternoon reportedly denied responsibility.

Obviously per local reports and satellite imagery the slick is exponentially larger and may cover more than 100 square miles.

13 comments to “Slick is exponentially larger and may cover more than 100 square mile” according to satellite imagery (VIDEO)

  • ivanthedestroyer77

    Please, Go lie straight to hell!

  • Daniel Hughes

    This already is hell.

  • soozla

    @Daniel Hughes
    Feels like that to me today too.

  • xdrfox

    I can just hear this now:

    Judge, your Honor:
    So sad, A BP spokes person may say,
    “We worked so hard to Make it Right, then someone comes along and does this !”

  • Slick Vick

    What is the cause of this new-found oil?

    a) One of the Macondo wells is still leaking

    b) It’s pouring out of the ruptured sea floor

    c) The continual flow of corexit to the permanently leaking well has been interrupted

    d) all of the above

  • Is it a new Oil spill or just the oil surfacing that was sunk by corexit?

  • Feinberg gets a pay raise for his efforts. Feels great to be American nowadays


  • Jack

    James and Vick, and everybody….those of us who have lived in
    the darker psychology of awareness unto painfulness, I must
    spew for you…
    The Entire banking-stocks-realestate-currency shenanigans
    have been orchestrated over many years, with eventual harsh
    depopulation as part of the plan.
    The US Debt to China and Japan is and has been always, in the
    planning of the Big Bosses, best described by a Dave Letterman Top Ten answer: “Deficit, Schmeficit!”…..or, “We
    never intended to honestly Pay you Back one penny more
    than what we can get away with not Paying.
    These are the ruling Rothschild, Club of Rome, Illuminati,
    Evil Bastids, who brought you American Farm Confiscation
    and your reduction to a wage slave.
    Yes, Vick…ALL of The Above. Corexit must be at a premium price plus surcharges right now.
    Florida folks that I know are in total Denial of reality…they
    will go ahead and Die, rather than face the fact that they don’t know-it-all, nor could possibly need to change.

  • Well, the question is simple. Will you continue playing in the band as the Ameritanic sinks? ‘The band’ being the average folks. The ‘women and children’ played by the people behind the curtains pulling the strings; they float safely away smiling.

  • xdrfox

    at 6:58 pm

    I’m sure BP is impressed at the amount of money he has/is saving BP, discrediting all them nasty claimants that want what is entitled to them for their loses !

    It’s hard work screwing over people paying pennies on the dollar, or throwing claims in the trash !

  • Jack

    “Nearer My God to Thee”….
    and let’s not forget the Crewmembers who dressed as women
    to get into lifeboats and survive.
    Thank You Jesus, this World is Not My Home!
    Lay Not up your treasures, where moth and rust doth corrupt.
    Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word which
    proceedeth from the Mouth of God.
    If you are struggling still with Earth-survival attachment,
    get a copy of “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White.
    At Harvestime books in Tennessee, they sell the Best
    hardcover edition and I recommend buying the Case of Ten
    which cost me only $41.00 incl. shipping.
    Sorry if this seems out of line to say so.
    My cousin here in Hawaii is so attached to his paganism
    and Cigarettes, he accused me of being “a classic paranoid
    schizophrenic” for confronting him with reality.
    Don’t worry, be ignant, like the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
    tune “Ignant and Shit”, on the album, “Black Music for
    White People”…
    Particularly if you’ve been raised to trust the Trillionaire
    Roman Church, you need to read and Study Ellen White’s
    “The Great Controversy (Between Christ and Satan)”…
    Jesus Loves YOU, and He doesn’t want to lose You through
    “Lack of Knowledge”….
    huggies to all.

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