South Florida beach “thickly populated with dead critters” — Seaweed piled 3 feet high

Thousands of Dead Jellyfish mixed into Piles of Seaweed over Three Feet High, Life’s a Coast, February 1, 2011:

After decades of meandering along Florida beaches, we were presented with a new experience at sunrise this morning, as the title line above indicates. No exaggeration, we saw piles of seaweed well over three feet high in places on Hollywood’s North Beach this morning (up around the Renaissance towers), with a morass of even more seaweed in the water washing into shore for high tide. Although we had never seen that much seaweed piled up before, supposedly that is not terribly unusual in Florida.

What was even more highly unusual to us was that there were long stretches of a hundred yards or so where there were hundreds of dead Portuguese “Man O War” jellyfish, those purple bubble gum like blotches of goo with the long stinging tentacles, with the most unusual thing being high concentrations of about ten dead jellyfish per square foot covering large areas. Never seen anything like that before, not anywhere near that thickly populated with dead critters. …

[S]eaweed and jellyfish do tend to wash up on the beach during times of high winds, [but] there had only been overnight winds of 5 to 10 knots, which is actually quite normal, and we see considerably less seaweed and jellyfish even when there are high winds up to tropical storm force which are not that out of the ordinary. …

h/t xrdfox

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