South Florida’s Top 20 Under-reported Articles About Oil Disaster

A sampling of oil disaster articles from the east and west coasts of South Florida:

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  • xdrfox

    Like many things, It won’t get the attention it deserves until it too late for many ! Waiting to see if there will be an uptick on Spinal bifida in newborns since corexit is much like Agent Orange/Blue and others defoliates. It is the only defect, deformity that is acknowledged of Gov. of the cause.

  • Trash Chute Deception.

    1/7 Syndrome of Control-You Tube is about oil pollution, and why it is a monopoly.Unless 1/7 Syndrome of Control can be proven wrong it is the foundation of oil is king
    concept as he who has most shares wins.

    BP is investment of England,and maybe 40 % of shareholders USA citizens.

    I have given the most profound videos
    to explain why corporate fascism rules America in the topic(3000 Foot
    Long Mysterious Black Blog Killer”Toxic Goo”in comments for this topic.

    If you are not intelligent you will
    not understand the definition of word TREASON.You will not understand what the videos imply that can be researched for proof,and can be observe by the state of America and Western Europe as economies collapse
    and Asia becomes Number 1 at west expense.Infrastructure,jobs,outsourcing for cheat illegal and legal labors
    are means to destroy America with cheap illegal and legal labor.Arizona
    best example as governor is opposed
    by U.S. government as she wants to enforce states rights for security of state.What has happen to Gulf Coast.
    How much cover up in the national News
    Media.Talk to George Soros FOXY-Fair and balance.

    The Federal Reserve is illegal.The U.S. Constitution does not allow for
    private bank to rule USA.Ralph Epperson Paul-The Fed is illegal.A 1 S 8 USC-The Federal Reserve Act is illegal.The states did not ratify the U.S. Constitution in
    amendment to allow illegal FED period.
    Eustice Mullins-Tells it like it Is-

    The USA is colony of England.Jordon Maxwell-Queen of England Exposed-You Tube.Jordon Maxwell-The truth about the middle east and israel-You Tube.
    Videos at You Tube FREE.

    Hayward of BP is good example of who rules,and their attitude towards sheep.The Committee of 300 Conspiracy
    Hierarchy 1/10 You Tube-Dr. John Coleman.John was MI6 English Intelligence officer.What would he know.He is also a Constitutional Scholar.Obama is suppose to be one???

    The oil industry is cartel world wide.
    Oil is King,and you are sheep.The little people,or animals.SHEEP-SHEEPLE

    The corporate run the world.News Media phony production.They have dumb you down-Norman Dodd-The Hidden World Agenda-You Tube 50 Min video.Education
    to make you sheep as they like it.

    Capitalism must have expansion at any cost regardless of outcome as BP,and U.S. officials have proven.Insurance
    industry is like the oil companies.It is a corporate,and it does not want to pay.

    This is the record of the corporate state without regulation,being law unto itself.

    The U.S. Congress is in Violation of The U.S.Constitution.Why does FED exist???The FED is cause of deficit.

    Something of value must back U.S. tax payer money.Not a phony computer that has no value.Why are tax payers giving their money to a private bank,so they can pay interest on their money,and enslave the people,and destroy the nation.Andrew Jackson Second Bank USA.
    Ron Paul USA Ralph Nader USA-You Tube
    Jackson said they were VIPER referring
    to the Second Bank USA.(VIPERS)

    Globalization and free trade plus
    immigration,and export of industry
    and no regulations is state of America
    and western Europe-Christopher Story
    E.U. Corruption 1/3 You Tube.

    Unless the U.S. Constitution is enforced there will always be fascist rule.

    George Washington in his Farewell Address which was abridged by government agency can be read on the internet at Harvard University search Google,com.Foreign intrigue breeds
    fascism,and overthrow of U.S. Constitution.

    War Is A Racket-Gen Butler-You Tube-
    Conspiracy by corporate to overthrow the U.S. Constitution.

    JFK Executive Order 11110-Research

    JFK Secret Societies Speech-You Tube

    Class War-Noam Chomsky-You Tube

    I support the U.S. Constitution,and
    the first 10 Amendments-The Bill of Rights.Thomas Paine-Common Sense is valid today as yesterday and tomorrow.

    Beards Basic History of United States
    not phony history for TREASON.

    Walter E. Haas Search Google,com
    Oath God Bless America

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