Spike Lee: “I really think that THIS IS GOING TO BRING ABOUT THE DOWNFALL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, it’s all about greed — “The BP’s been running things” (VIDEO)

Countdown, MSNBC, August 17, 2010:

SPIKE LEE: You see these commercials, these PSA commercials, they run day and night. They say, like — well, we’ll decide if you have a legitimate claim. That’s like the — the insurance companies deciding down here. Very few people got their money. So, for me, Keith, what — the threat between the first documentary when the levees broke and this one, “If God is Willing, Da Creek Don’t Rise” is greed — is all about greed. And I really think that this is going to bring about the downfall of the United States of America because we have people in office appointed and voted in and people in big business positions who only care about the dollar bill and there are people get harmed, people die. They say that’s the cost of doing business. …

The government officials that were saying this is the largest oil disaster of the history of the world, two weeks later made about-face and saying 25 percent of the oil disappeared. And, to me, this shows you — to me, this shows me the power of BP and the power of the oil and gas industries which make more money than God on this planet. Throughout this whole thing, I feel — and a lot of those people feel down here — that BP was dictating the United States government what to do. BP dictated the FAA who could fly over the site. BP dictated to the Coast Guard and Thad Allen which boats can come and go. And BP dictated the EPA– the EPA sent a letter to BP saying we have serious concerns about your dispersant Corexit. They sent back saying, we’re going to use it anyway. So, the BP’s been running things.

3 comments to Spike Lee: “I really think that THIS IS GOING TO BRING ABOUT THE DOWNFALL OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, it’s all about greed — “The BP’s been running things” (VIDEO)

  • H. Frost

    It’s very sad that the dominant values of the American Government-“Industrial” alliance (aka “complex”) has made Greed and Avarice the only values to be prized by our culture. While the social fabric of the U.S. unravels, the decline and fall of the American empire is the modern version of what happened to all previous empires which over-extend themselves and concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands while the population becomes ever more impoverished.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Would suggest that concerned citizens watch the movie “Food, Inc”, and you’ll realize that multi-national corporations like Monsanto and Nalco and BP do indeed control the politicians. Worse yet, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do to even ensure that our food (and especially our seafood!)is safe. Read this article and weep: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/210759_veggie-libel-laws-you-could-be-sued-for-saying-the-wrong-thing-about-food

    or: http://tinyurl.com/26rjjxt

  • insanityrules

    The U.S. is a corporation. A business. People work for them. It is mostly run by lawyers. Obama and Biden are lawyers. So is half of congress. When people realize this they can get on with their lives, stop trying to “fix things”, and prepare for the greatest collapse the world has ever seen. Brought to you by the greatest fraud the world has ever seen.

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