State: Corexit 9527A ingredient 2-butoxyethanol “should be handled as a CARCINOGEN with EXTREME CAUTION” — NO safe level of exposure say scientists (IMAGE)

BP’s Corexit 9527A, used to disperse the oil, contains between 30-60% 2-butoxyethanol

Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet for 2-BUTOXY ETHANOL, New Jersey Dept. of Health and Human Services, August 2008 (Revised):


2-Butoxy Ethanol should be handled as a CARCINOGEN–WITH EXTREME CAUTION. …

The following chronic (long-term) health effects can occur at some time after exposure to 2-Butoxy Ethanol and can last for months or years:

Cancer Hazard: 2-Butoxy Ethanol may be a CARCINOGEN in humans since it has been shown to cause liver cancer in animals. Many scientists believe there is no safe level of exposure to a carcinogen.

Reproductive Hazard: 2-Butoxy Ethanol may damage the developing fetus. There is limited evidence that 2-Butoxy Ethanol may damage the male reproductive system (including decreasing the sperm count) in animals and may affect female fertility in animals.

2-Butoxy Ethanol may damage the liver and kidneys.

Click above image for screenshot of fact sheet. Download the state fact sheet here.

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Previous reports on findings of 2-butoxyethanol:

16 comments to State: Corexit 9527A ingredient 2-butoxyethanol “should be handled as a CARCINOGEN with EXTREME CAUTION” — NO safe level of exposure say scientists (IMAGE)

  • Hello,
    I am John Stokes. I broadcast daily on the Rense Radio Network. I am covering this disaster and trying to warmn as many folks as possible. You or any or your exerts would be welcome guest. 1877 342 6673. Last Week I interviewed Dr. Termatto. my program is on from noon to 2 pm mountain time. Let assist in getting the word out.
    Thank You for what your doing.
    John Stokes 406 837 2283

  • Sowrong

    So, so wrong. The above “fact sheet” was from the New Jersey Senior’s Health department. If you care to look at the actual MSDS data sheet, you’ll see that 2-Butoxyethanol isn’t even rated a carcinogen. By the US government, nor EU.

    This stuff isn’t good for you, but it’s hardly as bad as you make it out to be.

  • @Sowrong If you hadn’t actually looked so close at the fact sheet, you would have read it as New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Not a Senior Health Department.

    Semantics aside, Corexit is some nasty shit that I don’t want to get near. I wont be going near the Gulf for the next 20 or 30 years and sorry to say I will no longer be eating seafood.

  • TSGordon

    The MOST important thing we could be discussing is WHAT TO DO in this, and any similar cases of sudden toxic poisoning. Obviously, when a person ingests chlorine, we might suggest they drink milk, and then immediately instigate the means to regurgitate the (partially) saturated mucous… Better Ideas? Let us ALL hear them, because there are not going to be enough doctors to go around!!

  • Science & reality, anyone?

    The best approach is AVOIDANCE. You must avoid exposure, #1 move, wear respirators, get air filters for VOCs/toxic gases, etc. After that you need a toxicologist quick… purified water, organic food (lots of veggies), heavy vitamins, and the proper Oxygen therapy, dry sauna, detox IVs, and other detox supplements that a qualified specialist in Environmental Medicine can provide. There are Centers dedicated to treating these Dallas, MI, SC, etc. The Dallas site lays out a protocol for patients with chemical exposure illness. But, prevention is worth much more than a cure!

  • Science & reality, anyone?

    If you can’t afford the full treatment, here’s a preview:


  • X

    I wonder how many of our “representatives,” Al Gore and even the occupant of the Whites House, etc. own stock in the company which produces that poison?

  • Sowrong

    “Semantics aside, Corexit is some nasty shit that I don’t want to get near.”

    See what happens when scientific literacy slides in your country? People make statements like the above.

    For many hundreds of years, medical, herbal, and chemical textbooks contained the following in their preface.

    “Poison is not the substance, but the dosage.”

    ANYTHING is poison in the right amount. ANY POISON is non-toxic in a small enough amount. I’ll drink cyanide right now. In 1 part per trillion. I’ll gargle 2-Butoxyethanol. Spray it on my food. Use it as lube. Provided they are in small enough concentrations.

    It’s fear mongering people. They are using your lack of scientific knowledge to scare you. When you simply dismiss this is “some nasty shit” you let them scare you. Don’t do it. Don’t fall for it.

    Again, I’m not saying 2-Butoxyethanol is health food, but saying no level of exposure is safe is just ignorant.

  • lili

    Sowrong go immediately to a highly contaminated area, swim in the water, touch the oiled dead animals, and eat the seafood you think you trust. Then come back shortly and let us know what happened.

    Please stay close to the Florida border and Mobile,AL. In fact, pick any one of the locations listed above and stay there for a week doing the suggested activities.

    Agree to be videotaped 24/7 helping clean, swimming, and eating of the products that do not concern you.

    You up for it? I bet people can get together a ticket for your flight.

  • Science & reality, anyone?

    Yep!!! Seems you think people who are out-of-work have lots of pocket money to blow. I apologize in advance if I’ve jumped-the-gun here, but the cost of that detox program will probally cost them a small fortune — like $2000 – $3000 wouldn’t it? And then, perhaps a second and third round of detox to make sure?

    And, I’m nearly choking on my own thoughts here, but when people think others are about to come into money — the vultures circle.

  • Sowrong,

    “Poison is not the substance, but the dosage.”

    Sometimes one sniff is enough: Guess which toxin I’m talking about. And, tell that to the first cell in your body that encounters that toxin, and don’t forget the measuring cup, or more appropriately, the capillary tube (?).

    Sorry. I got a bad spell of the giggles and darn near fainted from oxygen deprivation.

  • GlennBeck

    Yes! Yes! Be afraid my frightened little puppets! Just wait! There is even MORE out there to scare the shit out of you! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

  • Sometimes one inhale is sufficiency: Speculation which toxin I’m talking nigh. And, archer that to the firstborn room in your body that encounters that toxin, and don’t forget the mensuration cup, or many appropriately

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