State Official: So much buried oil, boat motors “turn up globules of oil” and leave a trail of “long sheen”

Measuring number of dead ducks caused by oil spill proves difficulty, Times-Picayune, October 03, 2010:

[E]xperts have said… oil that is sitting under sediments along the coast or on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico — will continue to resurface for months if not years, especially during those hard southwest blows that precede winter’s cold fronts. …

[Larry Reynolds, waterfowl study leader at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries] said, “[B]ut there’s still so much oil in the substrate in some places, that if you run a motor over shallow water, you not only turn up globules of oil, you leave a long sheen in your wake. …

5 comments to State Official: So much buried oil, boat motors “turn up globules of oil” and leave a trail of “long sheen”


    IMHO, the LDWF already know how to count the fowl population, as well as other populations of animals. Records of past counts must be available, afterall, it is the responsibility of LDWF to be up-to-date on those statistics.

    The LDWF need to release the results of those counts — regarding each individual species, and each individual count within the species. Colleges provide a large number of biology students who earn college credits by doing just that.

    BP and LDWF must not be curious enough.

  • premurderedGOM

    Winter storms are just around the corner. The wind get so strong off the ocean it becomes dangerous. The waves are notorious for washing over the roads, most beach areas are flooded by inland creeks, and inlets. These storms are a given, and anyone who lives down here can tell you sometimes you have to evacuate until the water recedes, beach, perdido key… Now let’s add oil, dispersants, methane [sitting quietly in the toxic mud], bacteria, dead animals [cue broken heart] getting the picture yet? HOW WOULD YOU LIVE IN THIS ENVIROMENT? Will the feds act under Hazmat laws?i.e…you can’t live in a Hazmat area. Or will they and the people just ignore the fact that everything has become toxic? The air will become dangerous with hydrocarbons breaking open and spreading around. And don’t forget the downpours associated with these storms. The first time I moved here was in the winter. I remember ALWAYS having a light coat of crude oil on my car, and the locals were ALWAYS in denial. The GOM has never been really clean. There are oil seeps here, but everything thrived, it was well balanced by nature. We used to sit on the balcony and watch the baby rays swim back and forth with the mother”s keeping watch. I would take bets on some swimmer stepping on one. Or we would rescue some huge jellyfish that got stranded by digging a trench and watch it drift back out. And the birds loved pizza crust. They are all gone now and so is my spirit. You can feel the water dying along with the creatures still in it. There is great suffering here. I will move soon but a part of me will always live here.

  • Delva

    BP’s behavior in the original disaster rises to the level of “criminal incompetence” at a minimum. The post disaster conduct of BP and the Federal/State governments is absolutely criminal.

    Why are we not seeing grand juries? Why is there no action in congress? Why has BP been allowed to walk away from this?

    [b]Has our government been overthrown by coup?[/b]

  • jessica

    @Delva – The USA courts cannot indict BP. BP is headquartered in London, England. The only way BP can get indicted is thru the ICC (The International Criminal Court). The Supreme Court will not indict them. God Help us All. My prayers are with the Gulf people. We, and so many others, are watching and won’t give up until BP is indicted for criminal behaviour. They are criminals!

  • ico

    The corporate state rules…
    are you just noticing?
    I would like to think our government
    could hold them accountable.
    What government, you mean the one that
    just lied to make more war and gave our $$ to the corporate banks? Who owns BP
    and who owns Nalco?

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