Stomach-turning: “The Rape of Grand Isle” — Large crane appears to be dumping oiled shoreline sand into ocean (VIDEO)

Exclusive Video: The Rape of Grand Isle, Stuart Smith, May 19, 2011:

Earlier this year, Al Walker, a veteran Louisiana charter boat captain, took a run out to Grand Isle to see how the cleanup was progressing. What he witnessed turned his stomach – and if you have even the slightest concern for the environment, it will turn yours, too. This video gives you a front-row seat to a bare-knuckle industry assault on one of Louisiana’s most treasured barrier islands.

Although these “sweep it under the rug” operations are running amok from Horn Island to Bay Jimmy to Grand Isle, you won’t see footage like this on CNN.

The scene opens with a long-armed crane towering over the shoreline moving sand, earth, and of course, oil. There’s boom in the water. The roughshod operation is stirring up oil all the way out to Capt. Walker’s boat, sitting about 30 yards offshore. There is weathered oil visible on the surface and several feet below, as the underwater footage reveals.

The video captures what appears to be an operation designed to “cleanup” Grand Isle by removing oiled sand from the shoreline and dumping it – by the truckload – into the water just offshore. […]

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20 comments to Stomach-turning: “The Rape of Grand Isle” — Large crane appears to be dumping oiled shoreline sand into ocean (VIDEO)

  • beachbum

    I spoke with friends and family back on Florida beaches. They still think the beaches are clean and safe. This video and others should clear their heads. But it hasn’t. I left a grandchild on Panama City Beach, where some of the biggest denial is. Yesterday, I read where this oil spill sickness will potentially sicken 3-4 million people in the near future. The argument is: If it is dangerous, they (whoever in the hell “they’ is) would close the beaches. Trust the gov’t? I think not! Trust the Coast Guard? I think not! Trust BP? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … … … …
    Peace out!

  • beachbum

    Can you tell me why “they” have not closed the beaches down stream (Gulf Stream)? I can’t understand it either. Must need some real serious lawsuits in large numbers to get their attention. So, where are the lawyers who normally advertize on TV? They should be biting at the bit for a chance to collect millions for the injured. Where are the lawyers who normally chase ambulances? Where are the lawyers who jump at the chance to file personal injury lawsuits? Don’t tell me the vultures aren’t circling this carcass! It’s a magic payday for these leeches.
    Peace out!

  • beachbum

    If this is happening in Louisiana, does it affect the states east of La? Certainly! And the flooding will only move more of that water eastward. Come on down, it’s all you can eat!
    Enjoy the residual corexit dispersant and old oil. As an incentive, we will add a little new oil to top it all off. So, the Gulf Coast is the place to be for your family vacation!
    You’ll just love it to death!
    Peace out!

  • ???

    Why don’t those Rebels down there raise some hell already? What more do they have to lose? If you can’t defend your land, job, health, and family, why are you alive, anyway?

  • That makes so sense at all. That’s not cleaning. Are these videos and complaints of the city causing any type of dent to the city council or President??

  • Daniel Hughes


    No one raises hell because of the repressive, Soviet state being constructed around us every minute. People are too frightened to raise hell, to use force against the corporate, governmental, and banking rapists of the nation.

    Whoever leads will be rapidly eliminated to insure that there will be no followers.

    Maybe when we all develop cancer over the coming months and years because of Fukushima, maybe THEN Americans will “raise hell”. What will police state terrorism matter once one lives with a death sentence from within?

  • beachbum

    One of the strongest things you can do is develop a deep sense of LOVE. Learn to raise your personal vibrations, teach others, discard all negativity, expect the best, create a new reality. If this is wrong, so what? I get to live a great life. If this is right, then, I have a great life and a great shift; from 4th and quickly into 5th dimension!
    You’re not gonna get out of this life alive.
    Peace out!

  • Great site, Very informative…

  • magicarose

    This WAS a great site for information but it no longer is. Every morning this is the first site I go to for info and find out what is going on with the oil well. For quite awhile now there’s been very, very little information.I live on the Gulf Coast and this worries me because I know that that well has not been capped. It is still leaking, big time.
    When are people going to wake up?? Maybe they will when one day there will be a loud explosion and then Tusami’s wiping out Florida and all of the gulf coast. Then , it will be too late and without warning. God Help Us All.

  • xdrfox

    Scientist: dolphin deaths investigation taking too long, carcasses left in freezer for 1 year after oil spill
    Reported by: Bigad Shaban, Reporter
    In captivity at the Institute of Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS) in Gulfport, Mississippi, dolphins Bo and Buster appear safe from whatever seems to be killing so many other dolphins in the area in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster.

    “We’ve had a large number of dolphins and, then suddenly after that, a very large number of turtles die and are continuing to die.”

    95 dolphins, including 71 calves, have washed up dead along the Alabama and Mississippi coasts so far this year, according to IMMS. There have also been 209 sea turtle deaths. In just the past 5 months, the deaths of dolphins and turtles have already surpassed those seen in all of last year.–HYUjuaAw.cspx

  • xdrfox

    24 Dolphin and 22 Turtle Deaths in April & May. Australia
    To Mass Animal Death on Thursday, May 26, 2011

  • xdrfox

    If you search the net, you will find there are few stories out there concerning the GOM problems an oil, much news is being suppressed as you KNOW ???
    When news is available it will be brought forth I am sure !
    Anyone reading this may write some stories as to the GOM or forward what they find on the net !
    If you find a story, please submit it to share with the rest of us !!!

  • Sounds very interesting! I will check this out!

  • incredibe video. its really got to be different to see it with your own eyes

  • we will add a little new oil to top it all off. So, the Gulf Coast is the place to be for your family vacation!
    You’ll just love it to death!

  • I want to say thank you a whole lot for the job you have made in writing this article. I am hoping the same effective job by you down the road also.

  • The video captures what appears to be an operation designed to “cleanup” Grand by removing oiled .Want to say thank.

  • I usually never reply to posts but was going through your work and realized that you are one person who knows your subject thoroughly. Love every word of it. Please keep them coming and in future can you please write more on such subjects.

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