Strange mist sporadically emanating from C130 aircraft flying low over Florida Panhandle coastline (PHOTOS)

Aircraft at Navarre Beach, Trisha James, February 8, 2011:

I posted a C130 from earlier this morning. I am concerned because these photos show no spray while the ones earlier showed spray. And I have a headache.

See all eight photos here.

No Mist:

Trisha James


See also: Marine biologist: Military spraying chemtrails over Gulf “to promote bacterial growth”

7 comments to Strange mist sporadically emanating from C130 aircraft flying low over Florida Panhandle coastline (PHOTOS)

  • Michelle



  • xdrfox

    Where is your location ? Can you post them ?

  • Cropduster

    Looks like nothing more than smoke from the engines. It happens…

  • xdrfox

    when they down throttle !

  • Try Thermal Imaging. Expensive, Yes, but it should be able to confirm spray or gaseous emissions as either engine byproduct, or Corexit, by Temperature Recording of the Spray Plume.

    Perhaps, it should be done by professionals to document the material. I would suggest starting a fund raiser for the operation. It’s the only way to know for sure, too many liars in our government.

    On site sampling of the Air/ Water? Really, someone with a professional team should be monitoring this, where is the State?

  • Jean

    The last update on the Florida Deepwater Horizon website is 1/19/11. No water samples since September.

  • there has been a revolution;whomever is responsible for all this spraying is the one who usurped the AMERICAS.Whomever is responsible for all of this has blacked -out essentially the major networks;now;they can shut down the internet legally at a whim……the only source of imfo……that is real news.I beleive they have a lisense to kill………they ceertainly have killed the gulf;am I to beleive that the U.S.A. govt did not know and APPROVE THE CORESXIT ?Am I to beleive that the USA GOVT did not know by COMMON SENSE WHAT THIS GODDAMN SPRAYING WOULD DO ?What does a man of common sense sense do when someone is shooting at him?He runs ;or he .shoots back.FIGHT OR FLIGHT ;WHAT WILL IT BE.

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