“Strong police presence” at Feinberg’s town hall meetings as local officials reference Arizona massacre

Security Increases for Feinberg Visit, WKRG, January 17, 2011:

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon hopes every seat will be filled. But in order to do that the public will have to go through some extra security measures. …

Kennon says there have been no threats, the security is a precaution. “What’s happened between Tucson and Panama City and the grief Mr. Feinberg created for himself, I think has created an environment of potential…” …

This deal that happened in Arizona opened all our eyes.” Bayou La Batre Mayor Stan Wright says metal detectors will be in use at the community center and there will be a strong police presence.

6 comments to “Strong police presence” at Feinberg’s town hall meetings as local officials reference Arizona massacre

  • grandma caesar

    …so they can continue screwing us without fear of retaliation.

  • Jean

    Extra security measures, to intimidate those who dare to show up and demand answers from Feinberg.

  • Kim Moore

    Florida is quite a ways away from Florida and that guy is locked up. Nice how they use this as an excuse to control what get’s said by residents during that meeting. Florida officials have done as ordered by BP and their cronies and that is why they have received so much money/support during this disaster.

    An issue that really gets me is the way real-estate investors and business owners attack anyone telling the truth or interfering with tourism. It’s “Come On Down” or “Keep Your Mouth Shut”

    I feel any person who gets sick as a result of vacationing in the region should be able to sue the pants off those promoting/encouraging folks to subject themselves to this poison region with the slogan “Come On Down” yeah shop for a casket while your at it!

  • California's Golden Debt

    If the media picked up this story at a specific date, do you think they would publish such information x=? from date?

    a.) 2 hours from
    b.) 2 days from
    c.) 2 weeks from
    d.) 2 months from
    e.) 2 years from
    f.) 20 years from

  • jim

    What, No Back Scanners and touchy feely Pat Downs…? I am so disappointed!

    Are they still spraying cor exit? just curious….

  • Dixie

    Feinberg is getting paid $850,000 a MONTH. He has EVERY reason to drag this out. He is getting filthy rich while the Gulf residents starve! Devils minion as far as I am concerned

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