New Medical Study: Fisherman who cleaned up oil are suffering from “CHROMOSOMAL ALTERATIONS”

Spanish oil spill workers suffered chromosome damage: study, Agence France Presse, August 24, 2010:

Spanish fishermen who took part in a clean-up operation after the Prestige oil tanker spill in 2002 have shown symptoms of chromosomal damage and respiratory problems, [according to] a study released Tuesday [and] published in the American review Annals of Internal Medicine. …

“[T]hose who participated in the clean-up had a higher prevalence of respiratory symptoms, higher levels of markers suggestive of airway injury in exhaled breath condensate, and chromosomal alterations in lymphocytes compared with those who did not participate in clean-up activities.”

It said “chromosomal damage in circulating lymphocytes is an early marker of genotoxicity associated with increased risk for cancer.”

Read the article here.

4 comments to New Medical Study: Fisherman who cleaned up oil are suffering from “CHROMOSOMAL ALTERATIONS”

  • oil is not good for health

    Oil is not perfume, it is not just smelling things. Oil is illness and death risk. That´s simple.
    There is a lot of creatures dying because of it in the sea. We are natural creatures too. We are in the same boat. We are not gods.

  • jec

    “the findings cannot be extrapolated to spills of other types of oil”
    Very smart of BP to have GOM fishermen do the offshore clean up. Frankly, if a person works with petrolium products (diesel, oil) in the line of their work,i.e. operation of fishing vessels, it will be difficult to prove it is BP oil causing health issues. Goes for the general public as well-we almost all drive cars, run lawn mowers–and use oil products in our daily lives.

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