Submerged oil surfaces: Fishermen say 10 MILE patch of brown foam “5 INCHES THICK with red swirls of oil”

Despite Heavy Oil, Louisiana Keeps Fisheries Open, Dahr Jamail for Inter Press Service, October 26, 2010:

Fisherman David Arenesen, from Venice, Louisiana:

“I scooped some up, and it feels like oil, looks like oil, is brownish red like all the dispersed oil we’ve been seeing since this whole thing started,” …

“It doesn’t look like algae to me. Algae doesn’t stick on your fingers, and algae isn’t oily… The area of this stuff spans an area of 30 miles, from Southwest Pass almost all the way over to Grand Isle, and runs very far off-shore too. We rode through it for over 20 miles while we were going out to fish, I dipped some up, and it’s oil.”

Gary Robinson, a hook and line mackerel commercial fisherman working out of Venice:

“I was out in West Bay on Oct. 22, and I was in this thick brown foam, about five inches thick, with red swirls of oil throughout it, and there was a lot of it, at least a 10-mile patch of it… I’ve never seen anything like that foam before, the red stuff in it was weathered oil, and there was sheen coming off my boat when I came back into harbor. I’m concerned about the safety of the fish I’m catching.”

Dean Blanchard, of Dean Blanchard Seafood Inc. in Grand Isle, Louisiana:

“Hell, we got oil coming in here every day, it’s all around us, we know what oil is… The Coast Guard should change the colour of their uniform, since they are working for BP. We’ve known they are working for BP from the beginning of this thing. None of us believe anything they say about this oil disaster anymore.”

Captain Dicky Tupes of Southern Seaplanes:

“Everyone, including the feds, are talking about the fact that less of the oil actually reached the surface than was below… And now we’re seeing some of that submerged oil surface here. How long will this go on?”

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