“The SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION is literally going to be COSTING A LOT OF LIVES” along Gulf Coast (VIDEO)

Dahr Jamail Interview, Intel Hub Radio, September 17, 2010:

Full interview here. Report on interview here.

6 comments to “The SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION is literally going to be COSTING A LOT OF LIVES” along Gulf Coast (VIDEO)

  • Betsy S.

    I don’t think the people in charge believe that there is a SUPPRESSION of information; the information just happens to not be reported. And that’s not really their fault, right? (Wink.)

  • Thanks for the giggle. There’s nothing like a big smile to lessen the burden of inability to do anything of importance; the people suffer and the animals suffer, and the cause continues unabated.

    Whew! Let me catch my breath and take advantage of your *wink* once more.

  • davo

    guys, im on the other side of the planet, and the last we heard in our (mass) media was the oil had been eaten by microbes and there wasnt much left. our 2 alternative tv stations have been showing us something different tho. but nothing of the impact on the health of the people. why this is ringing my alarm bells is for 2 reasons – whats happened over there can easily happen here, and i have a memory of a place called bhopal, and the name union carbide. it took 20 years to sue union carbide, and by then it was bankrupt. dont think they wont scuttle bp and move onto another ship to avoid lawsiuts. i really feel for you guys and wish you all the best. from australia.

  • karl

    I think the people inthe gulf coast are being murdered. The oilwas just an excuse to dump all that corexit. It is all in line with agenda 21 and population reduction. It hurts to see people take such a la-la attitude toward this, news is not reported for a reason. In their hearts I also think th people that are watching this closely know this is murder but will not admit it

  • tiny hope

    Agenda 21 people. Start reading about it, as it will affect all of us sheople in North America. Do your own research!

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