Surprise? Congressmen see information that shows Gulf residents are “very sick” and “dying” (VIDEOS)

Rally for the Truth, Grand Isle, LA on November 20, 2010:

Jerry Cope via deniselngbch

John Wathen via LorrieofOceanspring

7 comments to Surprise? Congressmen see information that shows Gulf residents are “very sick” and “dying” (VIDEOS)

  • What blows my mind is this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone in the House. The House Energy and Commerce Committee had hearings on the repurcussions of the Gusher way back in June. They all predicted this—the illnesses and everything. And not a damn thing was done to stave it off.

  • I’m so sad I can’t even cry, and am so, so sorry if this is true: I’m on dialup so I need to wait for my computer to download the video 30-40 minutes.

    The FOSL website has been unresponsive — so I couldn’t get to FOSL until about 8:50 am.

    Perhaps the title of the article made an overstatement of the facts. Let’s pray.

  • Edward Willas

    The enemy within has destroyed Gulf life as we know it as they continue to destroy our health and stick us with emergency room visits to ethically challenged hospitals who charge locals over $10,000 per ER visit then expect them to pay after I lost my job, my home and my health. BP hasn’t paid a single claim. Destitution is just another name for being a Gulf Coast resident.

  • xdrfox

    Go to AT&T website and look at the DSL price, Got mine for about the same price many dail ups charge and I get 750k. your dailup is about 56k but more liklely only delivers an acuaul 6 or 7k.

  • xdrfox

    Edward Willas
    Can you tell your story so others that have been through this or going through will also speak up ! Your story is needed to help to raise awareness of the plight people are going through. You may be able to help others in ways you can not imagine ! These stories need to be out there for America to see. If enough come forward the noise will be to load for Washington to Ignore any longer ! You will find you are not alone !

  • Attn: Gulf friends

    Great speakers!!! It’s great to hear the residents…they always outnumber BP corporate goons and still have the right to FREE SPEECH!!! Who wouldn’t trust them over all the bought & sold entities?? They are living it everyday.

    If I lived or visited down there, I would wear a respirator, goggles, cover my skin, etc. for safety and to make a clear statement. I would boldly display my daily safety gear as a constant reminder!!!
    (p.s. when I lived abroad I learned that some citizens wear gas masks due to heavy pollution and it really drives home the issue. In some countries, they won’t let babies out without a plastic cover over their tram…and they don’t wait for the govt. to approve these measures!)


  • LA

    Good to know somebody is listening and I hope help comes soon. Congress knows that people are sick but most of them don’t care because they want their oil company donations to keep coming in.
    Corporations don’t care because they aren’t people- oh, wait, they are?
    How about a Unified DEMAND Center for the PEOPLE!

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