Taco Bell told to buy Gulf shrimp, troubled fast food chain touts “Pacific Coast” shrimp instead

Boustany: Buy our shrimp, The Advertiser, March 11, 2011:

On Wednesday, U.S. Congressman Charles Boustany implored fast-food giant Taco Bell to use Gulf of Mexico shrimp instead of Pacific Coast shrimp, which it currently touts in its new ad campaign.

“As you know, today marks the beginning of the Lenten season — a time when seafood is consumed in large quantities across the United States,” Boustany said in letter to Taco Bell President and Chief Concept Officer Greg Creed. “I want to alert you that Gulf shrimp has a rich tradition of being of the highest quality in the world, with Louisiana’s coast alone producing nearly one-third of the domestic seafood consumed in the lower 48 states.”

Harlon Pearce, chairman of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, agreed. …

Whether Boustany’s message rings with Taco Bell or not remains to be seen…

Read the report here.

24 comments to Taco Bell told to buy Gulf shrimp, troubled fast food chain touts “Pacific Coast” shrimp instead

  • i was just curious why you haven’t added OIL SPILL FUTURE (fb group) to your recommended websites. OIL FREE FUTURE was one of the first groups created in may of 2010 reporting on the Gulf Oil Spill. We have shared many of your links to our wall as well members participating in article comments on your wall. I believe everyone supporting each other and participating toward the same goal is the only way to get the residents, the gulf and coastal ecosystems health to return. Thank You

  • diane

    get a clue people…dont eat anything from the ocean period! Dont think that the toxic cocktail dispersant stayed in the gulf…because most assuredly it did not! The entire food chain is now deadly, the fish, the fowl, the plant life, the air, the ocean all animals…call me paranoid…but I am certainly not stupid. I know the enormous ramifications of this.
    Are we doomed? I dont know are the people of the gulf sick and dying? Ask them…they better than I do what they are going thru…

  • kingfish33919

    I rarely eat at Taco Bell but if there is any chance that they might have any Gulf Coast seafood in the place I will speed up as I drive by. Who in his right mind would take a chance.

  • It’s incredible to believe that this insanity is so firmly in place; it’s potluck, and in this case apparently, those who ingest the seafood will not eat a delicious boxed meal — they’ll be eating their life calendars away.

    Will Taco Bell be prepared for the lawsuits that will follow?

    Sad. Very sad.

  • Oops!!!

    So sorry. I was listening to information concerning Japan, the earthquake and tsunami, and wasn’t thinking about what I was typing [1:46 pm].

    Taco Bell is the hero! My apologies.

  • xdrfox

    Much packaged seafood/shrimp and other seafoods in stores, I am staying away from, reading labels often does not tell me where the seafood came from only where it was prepared or packaged, so (I don’t know) where it was harvested from …so I don’t buy it ! Restaurants are not required by law to tell you where it came from, I have to face it, with all the greed, lies, and dishonesty (from the top down) out there now to make a buck in this economy, I sooner not take a chance and buy other type protein sources !

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Even though our air, drinking water, and the other food chain is also probably compromised, I’m still not eating sea food. Places that serve sea food, probably use the same oil to cook other food.
    My fear is they are putting the gulf sea food in our pet supply.

  • xdrfox

    Catch from the oceans are also ground up to meal, added to grain used in feed for stock yard animals such as pigs and others mass produced feed animals, that we intern eat also.
    Much seafood is also used in fish oils for multi purpose’s. I am inclined to think it would end up being sold as feed to cats and dogs. As hard as they are trying to get humans to eat it, I am sure they are giving it to animals ! How long before ocean to food source’s, do the factories have a 30 day supply or 60 days ? So it is probably in the system being used as we speak and has been for months.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Hi xdrfox

    I agree with you. If people aren’t eating the catch of the day, where is it going?
    I don’t doubt it is still going into our food source and so on.
    We are in a fine pickle of a mess.

  • Dixie

    A friend of mine asked the local taco bell where the shrimp came from and they told her mobile! The girl at taco bell was obviously not from Alabama as she pronounced Mobile as in mobile (getting around)I love seafood but I will not be eating any unless I know where it is from. I hate it, I want to support the gulf fishermen but I cannot feed poison to my family.

  • xdrfox

    Your Children WILL BE FEED Gulf Seafood In Schools, Armed Services Will Eat It, And Prisoners in Prisons !
    Tuesday, December 07, 2010 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/298/327/

  • xdrfox

    Lawsuit: “Our concern is that the administration took, and is still taking, steps to falsely minimize public perception about the extent and severity of the BP spill
    Saturday, September 18, 2010 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/180/473/

    The SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION is literally going to be COSTING A LOT OF LIVES along Gulf Coast (VIDEO)
    Saturday, September 18, 2010 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/181/071/

  • xdrfox

    Cows BAND that don’t swim in the Gulf but you can eat the Seafood ?? “ALARMING” (VIDEO)
    Sunday, September 19, 2010 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/181/397/

  • monkey99

    Taco Bell customer service:


  • magicarose

    I love seafood but I’m afraid to eat it. What about fish thats from China ? Would the seafood from the north eastern states be safe and the north pacific seafood?
    My husband says that the fish from China is probably “caught” in the Gulf and packaged in China.
    Diane, I never thought about the plants . So what is safe to eat? I live on the west coast of Florida so I’m very concerned about this.

  • xdrfox

    Been to China a few times in the past 5 years spending months in the country where much shrimp (Prong) is farm grown, they dig up the rice paddies and raise prong in the 1/2 football size ponds, they make more money then farming rice or other foods. Many farmers are doing it, it has become a new business there. Lot of work for them to prepare each year for new a harvest. They are delicious when grown. I have pictures of these in the southern parts of China where I lived while there. Publix has Thailand shrimp for sale about all the time. Food stores selling fresh seafood label where it is from by law.

  • Joseph

    Com’on you guys know these shrimp came from a nasty shrimp farm that is about as equally as nasty as our gulf. I think I’ll stay with the 88% beef or whatever it is….

  • monkey99

    Maybe eating at places like Taco Hell in the first place is part of the problem to begin with?

  • soozla

    Somewhere here someone posted the number of nuclear plants in Florida.
    I believe they said 19. I wonder how many there are near the New Madrid Fault?
    The people need to keep an eye on what is happening at home.
    What they want… is for the people to be as unprepared as possible.
    It is wonderful to see the compassion shown by the people on the GOM are showing.

    But some things like mercy and charity begin at home..so they say.
    But the people had better keep a big dose for themselves.
    The world has turned it’s eyes towards Japan…if we are not careful… we will lose what little attention we have gathered.
    Where is Cherri Foytlin right now? Do we know?….nope.

  • soozla


    I am looking for a more detailed report on these hearings….
    Please post if anyone sees it..

  • xdrfox

    I heard on the Reese show last week he said that, Russian scientist said the electro magnetic energy emanating from the mid-west of the US was detailing a possible huge quake around the 20th of this month. This was on a show last week either Thursday or Friday. Do they have technology that we have only they are speaking out ?

  • xdrfox


  • motherpeace25

    for earthquakes and all other things radiation:


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