Paper: Cranes sprayed huge clouds of dispersant — Mist went up to 100 miles inland

We need answers about dispersants used on BP spill, The Advertiser (Lafayette), March 31, 2011 … Read more >>

NOAA Study: Massive plumes of aerosolized oil “likely posed a health threat” — Problems range from aggravated asthma to premature death

“These concentrations were high” – Joost de Gouw, a research scientist with NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory … Read more >>

NASA oil spill scientist: “I know there were clouds filled with hydrocarbons” — Discusses “Gulf Coast Health Syndrome”

Excerpts from Jerry Cope’s interview with Ira Leifer, Ph.D, the Chief Mission Coordinating Scientist on the NASA remote sensing mission to the BP oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico … Read more >>

Report: Oil blowing inland after heavy ‘cleanup’ equipment and sifters grind it into fine bits — “A most alarming development” (PHOTOS)

Ft. Morgan 2-3 mile marker oil update, SkyTruth Gulf Oil Spill Tracker, February 9, … Read more >>

“A huge number of people on the coast were exposed to this aerosol” of oil and Corexit says chemist

“Coastal residents not involved in the cleanup have also been sickened by the oil and dispersants” … Read more >>

NOT a Valdez Flashback — Happening NOW: Workers pressure washing rocks along Alabama jetty with hot water

Workers clean oil from Perdido Pass jetties, Press-Register, September 10, 2010:

Crews cleaned oil …

Today “marks the beginning of the peak of the hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico” — “Tropical weather activity generally does not subside until late October”

The Peak Of The Hurricane Season Is Here, Cattle Network, September 9, 2010:


…

“OIL WAS APPARENTLY AIRBORNE” says city-employed geologist — Reports of “oily brown substance” on people and objects; Impacted area stretches for miles (PHOTO & AUDIO)

Listen at 9:00 a.m. to Morning Edition’s report ‘Gulf Communities Investigate Spill’s Oily Residue‘.

…