Mayor: Tons of tarballs washing up on Alabama beaches

“Elected leaders… want the oil giant to to keep cleaning equipment near the beaches in case a storm dredges up oil off the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.” … Read more >>

Report: 300 sick in Orange Beach, AL area… Only 2,500 full time residents

Corexit and Crude Oil Still in Gulf A Year After BP Disaster, Linda Moulton Howe, March 30, 2011 … Read more >>

Deadly Alabama infections from a bacteria “most commonly found in water”

“At this point, we have nothing to suggest that this is more than a contaminated product distributed to specific hospitals.” – Dr. Donald E. Williamson, Alabama’s health officer … Read more >>

9 dead in Alabama from “lethal bacteria” — “Unusual number of high-risk patients infected with a certain type of bacteria” (VIDEO)

CNN, March 30, 2011 …

Just In: EIGHT more dead dolphins found in Mississippi and Alabama

IMMS Dolphin Count, March 14, 2011 …

“A Huge Number”: Shrimp tests show 4,000+ ppm petroleum hydrocarbons — Caught last week off Alabama coast (LAB REPORT)

4,054 ppm found in royal red shrimp by Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory … Read more >>

“Our ecosystem has been messed up”: No mosquitos, no yellow flies, no gnats in Alabama bayou after Corexit spraying — “Well, that’s not really a bad thing” (VIDEO)

A Story from Coden, Alabama …

Lisa Nelson passed away today — Face, neck swelled to “three times normal size” after trip to beach in September (VIDEO)

Via Robin Young, March 7, 2011:

Your life was a blessing your memory a … Read more >>

Mahogany Tide: Toxic plankton invades Mobile Bay — Known to cause death and illness in humans after consuming poisoned shellfish (PHOTOS)

Mobile Bay, Mobile, Alabama, Kathy Looney, March 3, 2011:

This morning I spoke with …

Thick foam found in Mobile Bay — Orange substance in many areas (PHOTOS)

Photos of Mobile Bay, Alabama, March 1, 2011:

See also: Latest tests find up …

Tears: “There are no crabs, you know. There are no crabs!” says daughter of crab-processing plant owners

BP, Dillard’s, and Providence, Pam Brundige Batson of Mobile, AL, February 23, 2011:

As …

17 baby dolphins found dead in Alabama and Mississippi (PHOTO)

Infant dolphin deaths spiking in Gulf after oil spill, McClatchy DC, February 21, 2011:

…

Earthquake in Gulf — 3.5 on richter scale detected near Florida/Alabama border at 5:15 pm (VIDEO)

Region: WESTERN FLORIDA …

BP, Feds say NO further treatment? Oil anywhere you look on Orange Beach — “They’re going to leave us high and dry” says official (VIDEO)

Beach Communities Worry BP Leaving Town, WKRG, February 15, 2011:

… [A] 35 page …

Report: Oil blowing inland after heavy ‘cleanup’ equipment and sifters grind it into fine bits — “A most alarming development” (PHOTOS)

Ft. Morgan 2-3 mile marker oil update, SkyTruth Gulf Oil Spill Tracker, February 9, … Read more >>

“I can’t even get in the water any more because we get oil on us” — It’s just MUD washing up says cleanup crew (VIDEO)

Gulf Shores beaches still seeing oil, Fox 10 WALA, January 30, 2011:

Transcript Excerpts

…

Tears: Seafood restaurant done after 19 years — NO “fresh shrimp, oysters, and not a single flounder” in cooler since oil disaster (VIDEO)

Another business out due to oil spill, Fox 10, January 28, 2011:

…Garner Bosarge …

Dolphins living in back bays of Orange Beach that are still “contaminated with oil” — BP has yet to even survey area… “Zero feedback” says Mayor (VIDEO)

BP resisting clean-up on back bays?, WALA, January 27, 2011:

It’s been seven months …

What’s in the Gulf is “going to come ashore next hurricane” says city employee — “Something people oughta look into” (VIDEO)

Orange Beach Testing Beaches and More, WKRG, January 24, 2011:

“We’re just checking behind …

Oil threatens Alabama coast with “IRREVERSIBLE damage” (VIDEO)

Alabama’s Coast Most Environmentally Threatened Place, WEAR, January 19, 2011:

Alabama’s coastline is the …

Alabama: Hundreds more dead black birds found (VIDEO)

300 black birds found dead along I-65, WAFF, January 12, 2011:

[T]here are scores …

Alabama’s Marine Resources director dies after staph infection — Played important part in state’s oil disaster response

Longtime Alabama Marine Resources director dies, Press Register, December 30, 2010:

Vernon “Vern” Minton, …

BP cleanup foreman gets test results: “I have the chemicals of the oil and dispersants in my blood”

Illnesses linked to BP oil disaster, Dahr Jamail, January 5, 2011:

Lloyd Pearcey, from …

Whooping cranes found dead near Florida/Alabama border — “Unusual and suspicious”

Wildlife agencies investigating suspicious whooping crane deaths in South Georgia, Florida Times-Union, January 6, … Read more >>

Sharks with solid “hairballs” of migratory bird feathers found off Alabama coast

Tiger shark bellies found full of migrating birds; are Gulf oil and gas rigs … Read more >>

Governor says national media “not interested” in Gulf oil disaster

Bob Riley does flurry of New York media interviews on Coastal Recovery Commission report, … Read more >>

“Tarballs outnumber seashells” on Alabama beach, similar to areas in Pensacola Bay — Chunks of oil “rolling along the bottom” (VIDEO)

Gulf oil spill tarballs cover Fort Morgan, Press Register, January 02, 2011:

The tip …

52%: Church feeds 1,200 people in coastal Alabama town with population of only 2,300 — “They’ve all been directly affected by the Gulf oil spill”

Alabama and the Oil Spill: Bayou la Batre, WBHM, December 23, 2010:

They’re black, …

“Giant” 1/8 MILE glob of oil washes up in Orange Beach — “Overwhelming smell” (VIDEO)

Beach clean up crews are scrambling to clean up a giant tar mat that’s … Read more >>

“Outbreak”: Fungus hits Alabama marshes — Something has “gone haywire”

Fungus outbreak hits Alabama marshes; could oil spill sheens be to blame?, Ben Raines … Read more >>