“Football field” of submerged crude found on Florida beach; Officials say “oil washing onshore everyday” — BP claims “the sand is clean” (VIDEO)

BP Beach Cleanup, WEAR ABC 3, February 12, 2011:

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… BP is …

Massive BP operation digs up beach in Santa Rosa, FL looking for buried oil — Coast Guard “wouldn’t elaborate” and workers “refused to comment” (PHOTOS)

60-man crew digs for tar balls in South Walton as a part of ‘normal … Read more >>

Dig two feet on FL beach and “you’ve struck oil” — “Can contaminate ground water”

Uncovering the Secret in the Sand – Buried Oil Remains After Cleanup, Bob Serata … Read more >>

AP: “So much oil under the sand… may be washing up for months, if not years” — BP worker: “You definitely smell it. It hits you in the face”

Cleanup of Gulf Coast nears end, but buried oil in sands may linger for … Read more >>

“Oil buried up to FIVE feet deep” on Florida beach reports local news (VIDEO)

Serious effort to remove buried oil, WEAR, November 17, 2010:

If you head out …

Paper: “In the clear Florida water, the rust-colored masses can be seen from boats or while snorkeling”

Press Register: “It is still easy to find dinner plate-sized globs of oil sitting on the bottom of Pensacola Bay…” … Read more >>

BP cleanup worker: Oil “really hasn’t even been touched” — It’s “rolling in as we speak” (VIDEO)

Part I of The Consequence of Oil, by Mark Manning, Global Access Media, October … Read more >>

Today’s Front Page: “Off the Charts” “Sky-High” “Extreme Toxicity” “Very Alarming” “Frightening” — Local Florida official finds the oil

Fort McRae oil very toxic to humans, Gulf Breeze News by Scott Page, October … Read more >>

Sand Shark ‘cleans’ Florida beaches — Eyewitness finds “big black chunks” after machine leaves (VIDEO)

Susan Malmberg: I think it’s getting everything? No… all those big black pieces …. big black chunks. … Read more >>

At Last: Why cleanup crews were NOT allowed to dig up the buried oil

Cleanup plan allows oil from Gulf spill to be left behind, Press-Register, October 24, … Read more >>

Massive SHELF of tar exposed on beach in Pensacola (VIDEO)

Massive Tar Mats And Oil Fort Pickens Pensacola Beach, pcolagregg, October 21 2010:

At …

BP admits oil buried “30 inches under ground” — “Trying” to bring it up (VIDEO)

Trying New Ways to Deep Clean Beaches, WKRG, October 19, 2010:

G.G. Vassallo is …

Gulf Coast panel: “ALL of the speakers told of ONGOING RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS” — Recontamination from “thick layer of oil on the bottom”

Six Months, Five Shrimp, and One Nasty Mess: Health & Seafood Safety Concerns from … Read more >>

Scientists: “Endless stream” of oil product coming ashore — Surface oil AND seepage from below the sand

Scientists say oil still endangers birds, Houma Today, October 17, 2010:

Audubon science teams …

Local official: We’re finding oil on seafloor, but no one will clean it up — Told just let mother nature handle it (VIDEO)

Oyster Fest is a success, but fishermen fear uncertain future, Fox8 New Orleans, October … Read more >>

“Fresh oil coming ashore” and liquid oil under surface — “Very frightening” (VIDEO)

Oil still in coastal Terrebonne marshes, WWL, October 11, 2010:

Russell Dardar of the …

State Official: So much buried oil, boat motors “turn up globules of oil” and leave a trail of “long sheen”

Measuring number of dead ducks caused by oil spill proves difficulty, Times-Picayune, October 03, … Read more >>

BP contractors now “DRILLING FOR OIL ON Alabama BEACHES”… “and finding it” — Tourist “amazed” at what’s down there (VIDEO)

Oil found in layers below AL beaches, WKRG, Septmeber 29, 2010:

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ORANGE …

Oil “everywhere” and buried “UP TO SIX FOOT” near FL border says BP worker — “They’ve just been covering it up” (VIDEO)

Tar Balls Galore on Alabama Beaches, WKRG, September 29, 2010:

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All along …

AP covering up for BP? News outlet fails to disclose BP is behind SAND CASTLE event in FL Panhandle — Claims artists want to “ERASE” images of disaster

WEAR, Sept. 24: “Seven of the world’s top sand sculptors will be in Santa … Read more >>

Feds: Finding “plenty” of crude all along Gulf Coast by digging holes just offshore — Up to 25 PERCENT OIL in samples

Oil lingering in waters off Alabama, Mississippi and Florida beaches, Press-Register (Ben Raines), September … Read more >>

Snorkeler encounters submerged oil just offshore — “Proof oil is buried” near coast (VIDEO)

Underwater Oil off Baldwin County Coast, WKRG, September 20, 2010:

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Todd Farrar …

Florida cleanup worker finds “SHELF of oil”; Further EAST “it is ABSOLUTELY COVERED” — Crew gets fired by BP (VIDEO)

Oil still on beaches but workers let go, WEAR, September 19 2010 at 6:58 … Read more >>

BP to cleanup workers: “THE OIL IS GONE” and you’re dismissed — Tar balls just an inch below surface, exposed when wind blows

Hundreds of BP Workers Laid off, WEAR, September 20, 2010:


At least 200 …

Feds threaten reporter on oiled Florida beach: “ILLEGAL TO DIG” without permit — NO SAND CASTLES (VIDEO)

Where You Can And Can’t Dig At The Beach, WEAR ABC, September 17, … Read more >>

41 YEARS AFTER NEW ENGLAND SPILL: Sampling shows oil 3 to 8 inches below ground — Experts say crude now “PERMANENTLY threatens” affected areas in Gulf

Gulf oil spill: After it hit beaches, where did it go?, Christian Science Monitor, … Read more >>

Yesterday near Bay Chaland, Louisiana: FOUR FOOT wide, four inch thick “oil patty” + 100,000s of dead fish = NO TESTING TO SEE IF FROM BP’S OIL (MAPS)

On Monday WGNO New Orleans reported “Hundreds of thousands of dead fish at Bayou … Read more >>

BP cleanup worker: “EVERY shovel full was LIQUID OIL” while “actually IN the water” at Pensacola beach (VIDEO)

Oil washing up on Pensacola Beach, WEAR ABC Pensacola, August 25, 2010:

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…

Feds finally admit oil buried “14 inches under the sand” near Destin, Florida

EPA finds buried oil on Walton beaches, Walton Sun, August 13, 2010:

EPA officials …

Mayor says his beaches are like island where foot-deep crude oil is bubbling up; BP says it’s only some of “what we call tarmats”

Orange Beach, AL mayor Tony Kennon told the Press-Register, “Anywhere that oil washed up … Read more >>