Newswire: Dispersants Used by BP in Gulf Linked to Cancer — “Illnesses we observed were quite unique and different from anything that I had ever witnessed” says doc

Dispersants Used in BP Gulf Oil Spill Linked to Cancer, ENS, August 26, 2011:

…

MD: Cancer to “SURGE” over next few years in area impacted by oil disaster (VIDEO)

Why are so many people in the Gulf region getting sick?, Your Call with … Read more >>

Young woman “developed cancer within weeks” after going to Gulf beach — Doctor believes “this was due to direct exposure to chemicals in the dispersants and VOCs”

Illnesses linked to BP oil disaster, Dahr Jamail, January 5, 2011:

One of the …

“Great Concern” about food web: “External and internal deformities, cancer and other diseases, genetic defects”

CURRENT ANALYSIS – Updated December 1, 2010, ROFFS:

The subsurface plume cloud had been …

EPA says oil burns not cancer-causing, similar to smoke from woodstoves — Authors of EPA study express “concerns” about adequacy of sampling

The total amount of carbon collected in the four days of sampling “was less than that desired for a single sample… and the sole sample from the field was short of the targeted number of three samples for the campaign.” … Read more >>

“Significant upswing in cancer” for Gulf expected — MAY EXTEND BEYOND REGION

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CDC website: CRUDE OIL DOESN’T INCREASE CANCER RISK — “For crude oil, there is inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity in humans”

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