Newswire: Dispersants Used by BP in Gulf Linked to Cancer -- "Illnesses we observed were quite unique and different from anything that I had ever witnessed" says doc

Dispersants Used in BP Gulf Oil Spill Linked to Cancer, ENS, August 26, 2011:

Five of ...

MD: Cancer to “SURGE” over next few years in area impacted by oil disaster (VIDEO)

Why are so many people in the Gulf region getting sick?, Your Call with Rose ... Read more >>

Young woman “developed cancer within weeks” after going to Gulf beach — Doctor believes “this was due to direct exposure to chemicals in the dispersants and VOCs”

Illnesses linked to BP oil disaster, Dahr Jamail, January 5, 2011:

One of the more extreme ...

“Great Concern” about food web: “External and internal deformities, cancer and other diseases, genetic defects”

CURRENT ANALYSIS - Updated December 1, 2010, ROFFS:

The subsurface plume cloud had been found at ... Read more >>

EPA says oil burns not cancer-causing, similar to smoke from woodstoves — Authors of EPA study express “concerns” about adequacy of sampling

The total amount of carbon collected in the four days of sampling "was less than that desired for a single sample... and the sole sample from the field was short of the targeted number of three samples for the campaign." ... Read more >>

“Significant upswing in cancer” for Gulf expected — MAY EXTEND BEYOND REGION

Curbside Consult, Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards, Dr. Michael Harbut, Professor of Medicine, Wayne State ... Read more >>

CDC website: CRUDE OIL DOESN’T INCREASE CANCER RISK — “For crude oil, there is inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity in humans”

NIOSH, OSHA Interim Guidance for Protecting Deepwater Horizon Response Workers and Volunteers , CDC website, ... Read more >>