Stomach-turning: “The Rape of Grand Isle” — Large crane appears to be dumping oiled shoreline sand into ocean (VIDEO)

Exclusive Video: The Rape of Grand Isle, Stuart Smith, May 19, 2011:

Earlier this …

Cleanup worker: Two guys passed out on the deck of my boat… just dropped — “I don’t know if they made it” (VIDEO)

Testimonial of Louis Bayhi, LEAN, April 12, 2011 … Read more >>

US officials caught spending Gulf oil spill clean-up funds on gadgets

Read the AP’s extensive report here.

Cleanup worker’s widow describes husband’s battle with a type of Leukemia linked to crude oil exposure (VIDEO)

…

Cleanup worker Clayton Matherne’s symptoms: Lost half of eyesight, coughing up blood all the time, temporary paralysis… more (VIDEO)

Mr. Matherne has asked LEAN to publish his story in hopes that it will help others who are suffering know that they are not alone and for those who are not aware of their plight that assistance is greatly needed … Read more >>

Tears: Sickened cleanup worker praying that God will just let him die (VIDEO)

Clayton Matherne, April 1 …

P2S Foreman: Two people from my cleanup crew have died in last two months (VIDEO)

…

Coast Guard confused about THREE different areas of “suspicious water”

Coast Guard checks out dark-stained water in Chandeleur Sound, Times Picayune, March 24, 2011 … Read more >>

Current TV: Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill clean-up crew are dying (VIDEO)

Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill clean-up crew are dying! Video of the dying!, Current TV, March 20, 2011 … Read more >>

33-year-old dead after two weeks working BP cleanup and swimming at Florida Panhandle beach

“Aside from some gloves, BP provided no personal protection for them. He worked for them for two weeks and then died on August 23. He had just got his first paycheck, and it was in his wallet, uncashed, when he died.” … Read more >>

27-inch thick layer of oil-contaminated sand found — Researcher hypothesizes they are digging holes and burying it (VIDEO)

Surfrider Foundation: BP Oil Disaster UV Testing Program, bluemountainsurfer, February 28, 2011:

Support Surfrider …

“Bogus” claim made by leader of BP-funded cleanup worker health study says legal expert

Bogus Disclaimer on Oil Spill Health Study: Lead Researcher Says “We Can Never Demonstrate … Read more >>

Another cleanup worker blinded — Doctor: “I am most certain that the toxins that are in his blood attacked his optic nerves”

“We were orange. Literally, orange and it didn’t wash off because this stuff was going in our pores, our eyes, ears, mouth” … Read more >>

Cleanup worker with terrible pain is crying himself to sleep — Internal bleeding (VIDEO)

Marylee Orr has served as the Executive Director for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) over the last 22 years. Orr mentions that LEAN is offering blood testing to those who’ve been exposed to the oil disaster. … Read more >>

40 percent of the organisms did not survive BP’s beach ‘cleanup’

Oil spill cleanup on beach scaling back, Pensacola News Journal, February 27, 2011:

…

Cleanup worker having SEIZURES after diagnosed with benzene poisoning — Coughing up chunks of meat, black stuff coming out of nose & ears, lost half of eyesight

Oil-spill health impact studied, Daily Comet, February 24, 2011:

… “What is your research …

Research Tests: Corexit is reponsible for most volatile compounds that cleanup workers were exposed to — “Very interesting” (VIDEO)

Toxic Tide – Discovering the Health Effects of the Deepwater Disaster, Part 2, Living … Read more >>

GRAPHIC: Cleanup worker hospitalized and violently ill — James ‘Catfish’ Miller (VIDEOS)

Warning Graphic – This is What Happens When You Are Infected With Gulf Toxins, … Read more >>

“Massive submerged oil tarmats” remain in Gulf waters admits Coast Guard — “More toxic than tarballs” (VIDEO)

Coast Guard Oil Cleanup Report, WEAR, February 13, 2011:

[T]he Coast Guard is saying …

“I can’t even get in the water any more because we get oil on us” — It’s just MUD washing up says cleanup crew (VIDEO)

Gulf Shores beaches still seeing oil, Fox 10 WALA, January 30, 2011:

Transcript Excerpts

…

More cleanup workers come forward: “Massive health problems”, constant swelling, fluid in lungs, kidney problems, lumps (VIDEOS)

JMRexford’s Channel, January 30, 2011:

Donna Digby summary:

Massive health problems, swelling constantly, …

NSFW: Sickened cleanup worker shows “oil boils” all over body — “I don’t know where to go from here, this is my last shot” (VIDEO)

Sick P2S worker, jmrexford, January 13, 2011:

“I have to get my word out … Read more >>

Local offical: “There was never any nearshore sampling” for submerged oil — BP admits “no one in the local beach cleanup is actually surveying” for it (VIDEO)

Getting answers from BP, WEAR, January 19, 2011:

Transcript Excerpt

WEAR-TV: But commissioners are…worried …

BP pressuring Florida county to “sign off” that beaches are clean — Commissioners refuse because of submerged oil (VIDEO)

Getting answers from BP, WEAR, January 20, 2011:

Drilling with heavy equipment to find …

Fox News Flashback: Workers stripped naked and scrubbed down by man in space suit — Yet cleanup crews couldn’t wear respirators (VIDEO)

Gulf Oil Spill Workers Reporting Illness, June 22, 2010: Dr. Manny Alvarez investigates health impact of chemical exposure … Read more >>

“Caustic chemical burns”: Workers pressure wash heavily oiled boats with NO respirators… While using a “toxic” cleaning agent — Valdez Part 2? (PHOTO & VIDEO)

“After a decade battling odd illnesses, some spill workers have concluded Exxon’s health claims were wrong, and two dozen have filed suit. They think the oil they cleaned up, the oil mist they breathed, and the chemical cleaners they handled made them sick and may be slowly killing them.” … Read more >>

Navy Veteran: Text messages show workers were told to “cover up oil in many places rather than clean it up” (VIDEO)

“John Bolenbaugh… has posted a video on Youtube that contains text messages between himself and his former supervisor on the Calhoun County oil spill cleanup that appear to confirm that workers were told to cover up oil in many places rather than clean it up.” … Read more >>

Cleanup worker suffering from large boils, multiple skin infections (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

Jennifer Rexford worked on beach cleanup in the Florida panhandle for BP contractor P2S until August 2010. … Read more >>

“Field” of weathered oil found on Mississippi beach — BP cleanup chief says it’s “actually getting pretty close to clean”

Efforts continue to clean islands hit by Gulf oil spill, McClatchy Newspapers, January 7, … Read more >>

BP cleanup worker, age 25, needs high-risk open heart surgery after being infected with bacterial endocarditist — “If he doesn’t have it, he will die”

Man raising money for heart surgery, Panama City News Herald, January 07, 2011:

The …