Researcher: “It’s scary” — “There were no signs of recovery” for coral and surrounding animal life

PSU scientist assesses damage, Centre Daily, February 17, 2011:

When BP’s Macondo 252 well …

Gulf Researcher: “See all the dark spots and LESION looking things? That’s not normal” for crabs — “There’s oil on the bottom” (PHOTOS & AUDIO)

Deep Water Dive Reveals Spilled Oil On Gulf Floor, NPR, November 29, 2010:

[W]e …

Starfish are “bleached white” — Attached to “graveyard” of coral which “suggests that they have nowhere else to go”

“The individual on the right is bleached white.” … Read more >>

“Dramatic”: The damage “slapped you in the face” says biologist

Ian MacDonald, a professor of oceanography at Florida State University… “This is the first indication of just how widespread the damage is.” … Read more >>

NOAA: 90% of corals have “dead and dying parts” at site near wellhead — Covered in “brown substance”

Scientists Observe Damage to Deep-sea Corals, NOAA, November 4, 2010:

Government and academic scientists …