Expert: “Experiment on a scale the WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN”; May have “annihilated a bunch of life in the Gulf” for PERHAPS cleaner beaches (VIDEO)

Excerpt from Dispersants in Gulf concern Alaskan residents after Exxon Valdez, WWL-TV New Orleans, … Read more >>

Coast Guard admits dispersants still in use “over the wellhead”

A liaison officer with the United State Coast Guard told the Destin Log that … Read more >>

Corexit submerges about “70% of the crude” oil according to peer-reviewed studies; Likely much higher when applied sub-surface

The August 4 ‘Oil Budget’ released by the federal government states that only 26 … Read more >>

NYT: Scientists say MOST oil still present; Feds claims are “NOT backed up by either the report or the conditions in the ocean”

“The vast majority of the oil is gone,” said Carol Browner, President Obama’s top … Read more >>

CNN mocks EPA testing dispersant toxicity on just TWO species, “Data we’re reporting today is only one piece” (VIDEOS)

Top EPA Scientist to Discuss Data from Second Round of Dispersant Testing, EPA, August … Read more >>

Congressman says “We discovered how toxic these chemicals really are”; BP “carpet bombed the ocean” with dispersants

Markey Analysis Shows Coast Guard Allowed BP, Spill Response Officials to Excessively Use Dispersants, … Read more >>

Congressman: BP made Gulf “a toxic bowl” that will “haunt this region” for years, “All of that oil is still under the surface” (VIDEO)

Chairman of the Energy and Environment Subcommittee Rep. Edward Markey, MSNBC, July 26 @ … Read more >>

Congressman urging help for people who become ill “years in the future due to exposure to dispersants or oil”

Oil spill claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg says difficult issues will be addressed fairly, Times-Picayune, … Read more >>

UNC Physicist: Hurricane will leave “an oily residue on everything”; “Evaporating water will carry the oil and any chemical dispersants” (VIDEO)

How Will a Hurricane Affect the Oil Spill?, Scientific American, July 15, 2010:

Of …

BP’s plan to clean oil-soaked sand? Use chemical dispersants!… (or incinerate it)

Beach cleaners only skimming oil off surface sand, AP, July 8, 2010:

“That’s our …

Parish Councilman: Dispersants sank crude but “we’re told as the water gets warmer then the oil will rise to the top” (VIDEO)

Thick patch of oil discovered in Barataria Basin dubbed ‘The Black Sea’, WWL Channel … Read more >>

Senate Witness: BP using dispersants so oil hits “beaches for 10 or 15 years”; To benefit from long-term amortization of costs (VIDEO)

Fred McCallister to Testify Before U.S. Senate Regarding Oil Spill, Red Tape, KSWO Channel … Read more >>

CNN: Gulf residents say chemicals & oil “are making them violently ill”; “Almost all” Exxon Valdez cleanup workers “are now dead” (VIDEO)

BP’s Next Step?; Oil Spill Outrage, Rush Transcript for Campbell Brown:

BROWN: Tonight, growing …

*BREAKING* Florida waters test positive for dissolved oil; Researchers “Suspect it’s a lot” (VIDEO)

Affected waters remain open to public for swimming

CNN Newsroom, June 23, 2010 at …

Officials say “stop spraying the dispersants”; Oil is “coating the bottom of the bay”

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungusser, CNN, June 16, 2010

Transcript excerpts:

It [the oil] …