LSU professor: “I think that Dr. Overton comes across as being an industry shill”

“He has never said anything that was not in favor of what the industry was saying and continued to minimize the effects from day one about how bad this spill and its effects would be.” … Read more >>

NYT: “Water looked like chocolate syrup in some parts and Coca-Cola in others” and “Smelled like an auto-body shop” says eyewitness — Ed Overton explains “It is not oil”

Spill Cleanup Proceeds Amid Mistrust and Fear, New York Times, November 2, 2010:

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NOAA analyst thinks BP “has learned their lesson”

Six months later, what did we learn from the oil disaster in the Gulf?, … Read more >>

Researcher surprised by how “thick and dense” oil is on seafloor — NOAA’s Ed Overton “doubted much oil was resting on the bottom”

‘Slime highway’ of BP oil suspected on Gulf floor, MSNBC, September 13, 2010:

Excerpts …

REVEALED: Ed Overton works for Feds and helps out company responsible for largest oil disaster in U.S. history… IN 1989!

Most people following the BP oil disaster have heard of Louisiana State University Professor … Read more >>

ALERT: Divers find seafloor near beaches “COVERED” in “brown residue” from MS to Florida — KIDS swimming around “GIANT POOLS of oily tar balls” big as watermelons

“If I had a nickel for everything about this spill that’s never been seen … Read more >>

Ed Overton reveals storms can AEROSOLIZE weathered oil and SPREAD IT AROUND (VIDEO)

Note: Ed Overton deserves his own category on this site, and may soon get … Read more >>

Government Analyst: Tests “DIDN’T SEE OIL” in samples of water with “HEAVY, metallic sheen”

Over the last few weeks the Press-Register collected samples from multiple locations on an … Read more >>