Feds investigating Nungesser for events in 2007, subpoenas issued

Feds probe post-Katrina work in Plaquemines Parish, Associated Press, March 25, 2011 … Read more >>

“Gag order” issued in dolphin death investigation — “It throws accountability right out the window” says biologist

Government tightens lid on dolphin death probe, Reuters, March 25, 2011 at 12:16 pm EDT … Read more >>

9 more dead dolphins found this week, Gulf total now 114 this year — NOAA has yet to send out ANY samples for testing

“It is surprising that it has been almost a full year since the spill and they still haven’t selected labs for this kind of work,” — Ruth Carmichael, a marine mammals specialist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab … Read more >>

“It’s not stopping” — “The levels we are seeing are not dropping, and we’re seeing NEW chemicals now”

“We gave some of our blood test results to [EPA head] Lisa Jackson. They know what is going on, and they are not doing anything about it” … Read more >>

NOAA Study: Massive plumes of aerosolized oil “likely posed a health threat” — Problems range from aggravated asthma to premature death

“These concentrations were high” – Joost de Gouw, a research scientist with NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory … Read more >>

New York Times article shows why public might want to think twice before trusting the E.P.A.

Politics Seen to Limit E.P.A. in Regulation of Natural Gas, Ian Urbina for the … Read more >>

Editorial: BP helping pay for NIEHS health study will “inevitably taint” project — Who will believe it?

Received money as a “gift” from BP according to study chief … Read more >>

Veterinarian who suggests measles-related illness may be causing ‘abortion storm’ in dolphins admits virus “is NOT known for causing infected animals to abort”

PLUS: NOAA’s excuse also questioned by head of the Sarasota Dolphin Research Program … Read more >>

BP-owned company gets first deepwater drilling permit since disaster — Largest shareholder by far

BP owns 46.5 percent of Noble Energy… Noble owns 23 percent … Read more >>

“Hustling” NOAA now in charge of investigating baby dolphin deaths — “Likely will take MONTHS”… remember Poland?

Baby dolphin deaths get feds’ attention, Sun Herald, February 24, 2011:

NOAA will give …

Federal government’s oil disaster research is largely being kept secret (AUDIO)

‘Fog Of Research’ Clouds Study Of Oil’s Effects In Gulf, NPR, February 24, 2011:

…

NOAA’s document-shredding chief assigned to Gulf of Mexico

Shredding report shows NOAA chief as obstructionist, Gloucester Times, February 21, 2011:

The remnants …

BP, Feds say NO further treatment? Oil anywhere you look on Orange Beach — “They’re going to leave us high and dry” says official (VIDEO)

Beach Communities Worry BP Leaving Town, WKRG, February 15, 2011:

… [A] 35 page …

“Massive submerged oil tarmats” remain in Gulf waters admits Coast Guard — “More toxic than tarballs” (VIDEO)

Coast Guard Oil Cleanup Report, WEAR, February 13, 2011:

[T]he Coast Guard is saying …

And so it begins: FDA Deputy Director calls independent seafood testing “JUNK SCIENCE”

The ‘Junk Science’ Behind Independent Seafood-Safety Tests, Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board, February … Read more >>

The List: Is Gulf seafood safe? (MUST READ)

The following reports are presented in response to the State of Louisiana’s latest press … Read more >>

Feds accuse BP of manipulating gas prices

BP accused of gas price manipulation, Dow Jones Newswires, February 2, 2011:

BP has …

Bow to BP: Feds will cut estimate of size of oil ‘spill’ according to EPA source

U.S. likely to cut estimate of BP oil spill size, Market Watch (Wall Street … Read more >>

BP wouldn’t give oil sample to expert working as a representative of the government

Gulf-oil studies stalled by scarce samples, Nature.com, January 14, 2011:

Ira Leifer, an oil-spill …

“Caustic chemical burns”: Workers pressure wash heavily oiled boats with NO respirators… While using a “toxic” cleaning agent — Valdez Part 2? (PHOTO & VIDEO)

“After a decade battling odd illnesses, some spill workers have concluded Exxon’s health claims were wrong, and two dozen have filed suit. They think the oil they cleaned up, the oil mist they breathed, and the chemical cleaners they handled made them sick and may be slowly killing them.” … Read more >>

Dispute: Shrimper’s nets covered in liquid oil — Official says no, it’s gooey unweathered tar (VIDEO)

Oiled shrimp nets, WEAR ABC 3, January, 7 2011:

Patti [owner of Joe Patti’s …

“This is the biggest cover-up in the history of America” says official — It’s like Coast Guard and NOAA are “in bed with BP”

Oil still fouling La. marshes, tour finds, Associated Press, January 7, 2011:

Oil from …

Marshes remain oiled and “rapidly eroding” — Coast Guard still has no details and no plan (PHOTOS)

Oil still fouling La. marshes, tour finds, Associated Press, January 7, 2011:

A Coast …

Physician says it’s “criminal” for government to tell people to eat contaminated seafood and that it’s alright to swim in contaminated water

Illnesses linked to BP oil disaster, Dahr Jamail, January 5, 2011:

“It’s criminal for …

Editorial board warns readers to “ignore” Feds’ latest report — “Florida should listen to the outsiders”

The BP Spill: Hold off on the high-fives after Coast Guard report, Palm Beach … Read more >>

Paper: Current situation with Gulf seafood safety is “intolerable”

Settle seafood question now, The Advertiser (Lafayette, LA), December 21, 2010:

The current situation, …

BP/Feds did not look for oil in water more than 10 feet deep… due to “restriction”

Government report: Not much subsea oil, but tar mats from oil spill still near … Read more >>

Scientists find “lots of oil and dead animals on the sea floor at a spot very close to where the government said it barely found any oil”

U.S. finds little BP oil on seafloor; some don’t buy it, AP, December 17, … Read more >>

Feds’ Report: Sediment testing “found a chemical contained in dispersant, but its environmental impact is unknown”

BP Oil on Gulf Floor Draws Concern, Wall Street Journal, December 18, 2010:

Oil …

Fingerprint Match: BP’s oil found up to 7,500 FEET DEEP in Gulf — Feds now admit finding oil in sediment that matches BP’s

Strong Evidence Emerges of BP Oil on Seafloor, Wall Street Journal, December 9, 2010:

…