Baby sperm whale washes ashore in Gulf — “Very rare to have a sperm whale, an endangered species, land on the beaches of Galveston”

Emergency personnel who arrived on the scene at first thought the calf was injured because they saw blood on its side … Read more >>

Oil sheen reported in Galveston Bay, TX — “Made some residents feel ill”

Coast Guard reports oily sheen, Galveston Daily News, February 18, 2011:

The U.S. Coast …

“All the fish are dead”: Trout now washing up on beach near Galveston, TX — Even seagulls won’t touch them (VIDEO)

In Galveston, Surfside, San Luis Pass, Sportsman Road, and Freeport I’ve been finding dead animals, dolphins, sea turtles, yet nothing about it on the news … Read more >>

Galveston, TX Update: Dead pelicans and seagulls — “I have not caught a fish in a week… Every spot I fish is just dead stuff”

“Just sucks to see everything dead” …

Dead dolphins, sea turtles, and tons of angelfish in Galveston, Texas (VIDEO)

“There’s some dead dolphins down on the shore… a couple of sea turtles… Don’t really want to show you those pictures, they’re not very pretty… I’m not really sure why all these fish are dying.” … Read more >>

Massive tar ball from BP oil gusher comes ashore in Northeast Texas, Coast Guard just predicted no oil for area; “Safe to swim” (PHOTO)

Galveston tar balls came from Deepwater Horizon, KENS Channel 5 San Antonio, July 5, … Read more >>