Stomach-turning: “The Rape of Grand Isle” — Large crane appears to be dumping oiled shoreline sand into ocean (VIDEO)

Exclusive Video: The Rape of Grand Isle, Stuart Smith, May 19, 2011:

Earlier this …

Tears: Those son of a bitches said the beach was safe — Now my daughters have more toxins in their blood than cleanup worker (VIDEO)

Testimonial of Louis Bayhi, LEAN, April 12, 2011 … Read more >>

Expert uses satellite imagery to estimate size of recent Grand Isle Oil Spill at over 600,000 gallons and almost 3,500 sq. km

SkyTruth, March 28, 2011 …

Official: It’s the “peanut-buttery substance workers grew accustomed to seeing at the height of the Deepwater incident”

Gulf sheen could be BP spill remnants, Daily Comet, March 22, 2011 at 6:17 pm EDT … Read more >>

Oil confirmed by local official — 5-mile stretch seen offshore; Oil already reached Grand Isle, Port Fouchon

Originally, the substance was thought to be silt or dredging material, but later reports confirmed it is oil. … Read more >>

Seafood restaurant where Obama ate during visit to Gulf is now closed

The gulf oil spill’s toxic legacy, The Age, February 26, 2011:

Camardelle’s Seafood, where …

“Corpse strewn beaches” on Grand Isle (PHOTOS)

Grand Isle, LA resident Karen Mayer Hopkins, February 24, 2011:

COME ON DOWN TO …

New oil showing up on beaches near Grand Isle — Oiled birds being recovered

New oil surfaces near Elmer’s Island, Houma Today, February 22, 2011:

New oil is …

Shrimper says it’s the “worst he has ever seen” — Only 4 buckets of small shrimp in 3 hours

After Spill, Grand Isle Ready For Tourists Again, WDSU, February 14, 2011:

James Santiny …

“People are getting sick down here” says business owner — “They left the oil here… oil’s still all around us”

After Spill, Grand Isle Ready For Tourists Again, WDSU, February 14, 2011:

“It was …