10% of dead dolphins found along Gulf coast during 2011 were “coated in oil”

Dead dolphins, turtles still washing ashore along gulf coast, St. Petersburg Times by Craig Pittman, April 8, 2011 … Read more >>

MSNBC: “From oil plumes to dead zones in the Gulf” (VIDEO)

…

“Gag order” issued in dolphin death investigation — “It throws accountability right out the window” says biologist

Government tightens lid on dolphin death probe, Reuters, March 25, 2011 at 12:16 pm EDT … Read more >>

Gulf of Mexico nuclear plant has “crack” in reactor’s containment building

Ocala Star, March 17, 2011 …

Researcher: Recent harmful algae blooms in Gulf are “rare” during February — Could be a sign of “far larger and nastier bloom this summer”

… “Algae that appeared to feed on the bacteria that had gobbled up the oil” … Read more >>

BP-owned company gets first deepwater drilling permit since disaster — Largest shareholder by far

BP owns 46.5 percent of Noble Energy… Noble owns 23 percent … Read more >>

Medical Doctor: Disaster in Gulf is a “SIGNIFICANT HEALTH THREAT” for visitors this summer (VIDEO)

“Very concerning issue”… “The Government isn’t doing anything about it” … Read more >>

Toxicologist: Toluene and PAHs are known to cause spontaneous abortions — Oil disaster effects “may be hitting more quickly than anybody imagined”

Dead Infant Dolphins: Veteran Toxicologist Ties Oil Toxins to “Spontaneous Abortions” in Mammals, Stuart … Read more >>

18th dead baby dolphin washes ashore in Northern Gulf of Mexico (VIDEO)

Fourth baby dolphin found dead on Horn Island (Updated 11:10 a.m.), Sun Herald, February … Read more >>

NOAA’s document-shredding chief assigned to Gulf of Mexico

Shredding report shows NOAA chief as obstructionist, Gloucester Times, February 21, 2011:

The remnants …

Earthquake in Gulf — 3.5 on richter scale detected near Florida/Alabama border at 5:15 pm (VIDEO)

Region: WESTERN FLORIDA …

MD: Cancer to “SURGE” over next few years in area impacted by oil disaster (VIDEO)

Why are so many people in the Gulf region getting sick?, Your Call with … Read more >>

“Never seen anything like it”: No signs of injury on 100s of dead birds just 25 miles from Gulf — Found in two locations (VIDEO)

Hundreds of dead birds discovered in Lake Charles, KPLC, February 10, 2011:

The Louisiana …

Conan O’Brien vs. Gulf Seafood (VIDEO)

Conan O’Brien vs. Gulf Seafood, TBS.com,  February 10, 2011:

Shock: World’s deadliest shark found 140 miles inland from Gulf — “I didn’t know what the heck was going on any more” says official

Heart of Louisiana: Atchafalaya Basin’s Killer Catch, FOX 8 New Orleans, February 7, 2011:

…

Marine biologist: Military spraying chemtrails over Gulf “to promote bacterial growth”

The State of the Gulf: Q&A with Ed Cake, Ph.D, PDX 2 Gulf Coast, … Read more >>

Cousteau granddaughter: Gulf’s marine ecology has been destroyed — “Generations of people who relied upon those waters no longer have a way to make a living”

The spill is “an intergenerational issue that we’ve stopped talking about six months after the fact,” Cousteau lamented. … Read more >>

“Unprecedented” number of dead pelicans in North Carolina blamed on GULF fishermen “since the BP oil spill”

Dead pelicans washing ashore were killed by humans, The Seahawk, January 13, 2011:

An …

Center now training Asian fishermen for second jobs in case waters are “permanently closed”

“With the oil spill we don’t know,” [Tuan Dang, a case manager at the Asian Americans for Change center in Ocean Springs, MS] said. “The center offers the opportunity of a second job just in case the water is permanently closed.” … Read more >>

New “leak” on platform in Gulf — “Mile-long sheen”

Leak Shuts Exxon Mobil Platform in Gulf of Mexico, WKRG, January 3, 2010:

An …

Times Picayune: “Many” Gulf residents are “experiencing serious physical” problems

Gulf residents, businesses say they’re still suffering from BP oil spill effects, Times-Picayune, December … Read more >>

Paper: Current situation with Gulf seafood safety is “intolerable”

Settle seafood question now, The Advertiser (Lafayette, LA), December 21, 2010:

The current situation, …

Cigar-like burn develops on child’s face after splashed with water from Gulf (VIDEO)

“Darla and Todd won’t allow their grandkids to swim in the water, especially after their six-year-old got splashed with water while riding on their boat and developed a painful red burn-like mark on his face.” … Read more >>

“Oil rig explodes” in Gulf

Oil rig explodes burning three workers, Herald Sun, December 1, 2010:

An oil rig …

All 40 scientists agree at meeting: “Fish in the Gulf of Mexico will continue to get sick, die or fail to reproduce as a result” of oil — What about the people?

“Vast amounts of larvae from crabs, fish and shrimp also perished.” … Read more >>

Scientists worry about “a cascade of events that will lead to the collapse of entire Gulf species” — May have pushed a variety of sharks “to their tipping point”

Marine life may suffer long after public forgets oil spill, Tampa Tribune, November 9, … Read more >>

Feds say Tropical Storm Richard to enter Gulf next week (TRACK MAP)

Tropical Storm RICHARD, October 23, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. EDT:

…

Toxicologist: 4 to 5 MILLION people on Gulf Coast exposed to dangerous levels of oil — Going to have incredible health effects (VIDEO)

Riki Ott on the Gulf: “These people have oil in their bodies”, roseaguilar3, October … Read more >>

“Potential ecosystem collapse caused by toxic dispersant use” — “Horrific mistake” says LSA board member

How Toxic are Oil Dispersants? Groups Press EPA to Find Out Before Next Spill, … Read more >>

“Significant upswing in cancer” for Gulf expected — MAY EXTEND BEYOND REGION

Curbside Consult, Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards, Dr. Michael Harbut, Professor of Medicine, Wayne … Read more >>