RSOE Epidemic Hazard: “Deepwater Horizon Syndrome”

Deepwater Horizon-Syndrome, RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service (Hungarian National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling … Read more >>

One Year Later: Mainstream media finally reports on sickened Gulf residents (VIDEO)

Gulf Oil Spill: Fishermen Say They Are Sick from Cleanup; ABC News Investigation

…

“Oil Spill Crews Suffer Mystery Illnesses” — We are seeing more and more people who are desperately ill

“Some doctors in Louisiana are seeing a rise in persistently painful signs of sicknesses they can’t pinpoint” … Read more >>

Physician: Many more people are sick from suspected oil-related illnesses but scared to speak out or seek medical help

Locals air worries on spill’s health effects, Daily Comet, April 10, 2011 … Read more >>

Doctor fears a ‘disease cluster’ is being ignored on Gulf Coast one year after the BP Gulf oil spill

When a Community is Sick: Gulf Coast Illnesses One Year after the BP Oil … Read more >>

Cleanup worker: One person after another… I’m having kidney failure, my pancreas is rotted out, my liver won’t stop hurting (VIDEO)

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Residents at Feinberg meeting: LIE! LIE! You are such a lying piece of s**t… while talking about health problems

Mac McClelland for Mother Jones, March 31, 2011 … Read more >>

Physician Speaks About Growing Health Concerns in Wake of BP Oil Disaster (VIDEO)

Dr. Michael Robichaux, LEAN, March 22, 2011 … Read more >>

Dr. Susan Shaw: “It is easy to find people who are sick from solvent contamination on Grand Isle”

Gulf Coast Residents Dismayed as Effects of Oil Spill Continue, Courthouse News, March 30, 2011 … Read more >>

Report: 300 sick in Orange Beach, AL area… Only 2,500 full time residents

Corexit and Crude Oil Still in Gulf A Year After BP Disaster, Linda Moulton Howe, March 30, 2011 … Read more >>

Cleanup worker Clayton Matherne’s symptoms: Lost half of eyesight, coughing up blood all the time, temporary paralysis… more (VIDEO)

Mr. Matherne has asked LEAN to publish his story in hopes that it will help others who are suffering know that they are not alone and for those who are not aware of their plight that assistance is greatly needed … Read more >>

Tears: Sickened cleanup worker praying that God will just let him die (VIDEO)

Clayton Matherne, April 1 …

Deadly Alabama infections from a bacteria “most commonly found in water”

“At this point, we have nothing to suggest that this is more than a contaminated product distributed to specific hospitals.” – Dr. Donald E. Williamson, Alabama’s health officer … Read more >>

9 dead in Alabama from “lethal bacteria” — “Unusual number of high-risk patients infected with a certain type of bacteria” (VIDEO)

CNN, March 30, 2011 …

“There’s people getting sick everywhere and nobody realized how bad it is” says Mississippi resident (VIDEO)

AG: Oil spill victims more concerned with health vs money, WLOX, March 29, 2011 … Read more >>

Oil Spill Victim: Things just started coming out of my skin — It has gotten a lot worse (VIDEO)

When they started burning the dispersants out there, my lungs caught on fire. … Read more >>

Attorney General: “More people were concerned with health issues than claims” — “I’m trying to get people access to some medical care” (VIDEO)

The meeting has helped Hood get a better understanding of how people are physically suffering from the spill. … Read more >>

P2S Foreman: Two people from my cleanup crew have died in last two months (VIDEO)

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Physician treating oil cleanup workers: “These people, they are going to die… I’m telling you, we are going to lose patients”

Searching for treatment, the symptoms rage on, Tri-Parish Times, March 28, 2011: … Read more >>

BP confident things are safe “in the short term”… Long term health problems? Not so sure

Relax. The water is safe, says BP representative (VIDEO) , NW Florida Daily News, March 23, 2011: … Read more >>

Physician: I’ve seen 40 patients with oil spill-related ailments

Local doctor stresses spill’s health impact, Daily Comet, March 22, 2011 at 12:37 pm EDT … Read more >>

NOAA meeting: “I haven’t been in the water since July 10th — I woke up on July 11th spitting up blood”

NOAA gathers comments about oil spill damage, Panama City News Herald, March 17, 2011 … Read more >>

“Death case” and other test cases likely to prompt settlements by BP — “They can’t afford to have the public find out how bad they’ve been” says attorney

Gulf Crisis Still Unresolved One Year Later, WNCF ABC 32, March 17, 2011 … Read more >>

“It’s not stopping” — “The levels we are seeing are not dropping, and we’re seeing NEW chemicals now”

“We gave some of our blood test results to [EPA head] Lisa Jackson. They know what is going on, and they are not doing anything about it” … Read more >>

Man covered in “orange slick stuff” while swimming near Destin is now “pissing blood, vomiting dark brown stuff”

Gulf spill sickness wrecking lives, Dahr Jamail, March 9, 2011:

“I have critically high …

Lisa Nelson passed away today — Face, neck swelled to “three times normal size” after trip to beach in September (VIDEO)

Via Robin Young, March 7, 2011:

Your life was a blessing your memory a … Read more >>

“Red Flag”: Oil spill study finds almost HALF of residents suffering “unusual spike” in health symptoms

‘Red flag’ in oil-spill health study, Daily Comet, March 4, 2011:

A survey of …

“Bogus” claim made by leader of BP-funded cleanup worker health study says legal expert

Bogus Disclaimer on Oil Spill Health Study: Lead Researcher Says “We Can Never Demonstrate … Read more >>

Woman reports troubling symptoms after swimming in Gulf — Burning lesions all over body & face, “I keep finding more and more of them”

Susan from Panama City Beach, Florida lives only a few blocks from the Gulf … Read more >>

Florida Paper: Many health-related complaints from people who didn’t do cleanup work

EDITORIAL: BP: Here’s to your health, Northwest Florida Daily News, March 02, 2011:

Dale …